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About Us Odisha Bulletin

About Us Odisha Bulletin

About Us: Odisha Bulletin: The Odisha Bulletin carries the voice of a layman and therefore, it stands being a dedicated corridor for the common man and the concept of formulating such news stuff for the common mass has been conceptualised by its founder, Srinivas Mohanty who is a practicing advocate in the High Court Judicature of Orissa

The Odisha Bulletin ( ) is established with its main objective to ensure the layman of the society as to what we call as  DEMOCRACY. We have the slogan that “one country, one education”no public school or no general school as we psychologically categorize; and we have the vision to see India being free from the demonic clutch of  corruption and infidelity. We have the belief that each one of us is equal with each other, and by segregation of education and so also culture, the sense of equality found place in the main or maiden symbolic fabric of the Constitution of India shall be frustrated; and the inequality from the equality would be the resultant issue that would be the most dangerous virus for the country like India to maintain. Hence we have devised our  concept through our  organization known as Odisha Development of Integrity Analysis” in short :ODIA.

 The Odisha Bulletin feels credited with the job to develop a sense of Love, Care & Responsibility among People for the Society & the Nation as a whole. It is true that Unity & Love makes a family perfect which turns the world being a heaven .

The Odisha Bulletin generates innovative ideas for life, through its contribution to the Indian Society & Economy.

The best way to predict the future is to design and create it. No matter what people tell you but words & ideas through the instrument of our vision can change the world.

Odisha Bulletin helps in sharing the views of people about various National and International, Social & Commercial issues and thus helps in formulating schemes, policies and programmes, as well as Businesses & Services, Solutions & Needs. Here we passionately feel to share with you all with proactive participation in the platform already spread by The Odisha Bulletin.



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