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Air Asia India brought under CBI scanner

Air Asia India brought under CBI scanner

29.05.2018: Satya Prakash Pati:OBB: Air Asia India brought under CBI scanner. One Malaysian company named as AIRASIA BEHAD  owned by Mr.Anthony Francis Fernandes has had his dreams to introduce low cost airlines with international approach but to to start with he chose to start from India under his implied close relationship with some lobby-based personalities and he on his contact brought Tata sons Ltd being a party to his dreams along with Air Asia Investment LTd,Telestra Tradeplace (P) Ltd and Air Asia  (India) and ideally has the control over the entire Airline despite Tata Sons Ltd has 49% of share as that of Mr. Tony.It is learnt that the audio recording of Tony pursuing to buy govt officials through his accomplice may be available to CBI ,sources opines.

Quite surprising, a foreign company with its maneuvering skill has landed up in India and could twist the Govt mechanism to his favour  in violation of FIPB and FDI. Although Tony has his full control over the business,but for the sake of operation of Aircraft ,he has first brought one CEO of Indian origin  on contractual appointment for three years  as per shareholders Agreement Cl 18.3  on 01.03.2013 and tried to push him to pursue unethical govt assignment beyond his official duties of management,but the CEO when visualised the kind of illegality has opted not to continue with tony any further vide his letter of Expression . By the time the mischief of Tony was under the CBI scanner as to how a foreign company entering into India riding over all the legal hurdles and no sooner Tony traced something against him ,than he is said to have foisted a false  case against the said CEO even at the point of successful time of Exit and the allegation he brought that all that transactions the said CEO has done are irregular although the accounts have by that time reached the nature of being adopted by the board as per the Company laws and having led a thread of manipulating skill he could at his first instance without documents for maintaining the suit made the property of the CEO attached even reaching the family properties . All this shows ,Mr Tony is alleged to be a skilled manipulator both for twisting the Govt machinery and so also legal proceedings in court   for which there is a hue and cry ,how Mr Tony could successfully market himself in India over Indian shareholders till brought under the scanner of CBI ,the top investigating agency of the country.  

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