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Air Asia India creates a vision of low cost flight :Mittu Chandliya

Air Asia India creates a vision of low cost flight :Mittu Chandliya

Bhubaneswar: 29.102013: TonyAir Asia India creates a vision of low cost flight. Low cost air travel to abroad is being seen through the eyes of Tony Fernandes who tends to translate his dreams through his brain Air_Asia_Indiacraft i.e Air Asia India a proposed Indian-Malaysian Low Cost carrier  and a subsidiary of Air Asia , Asia’s largest low-fare, no-frills airline, announced on 19 February 2013, the airline would be operated as a joint venture between Tata sons and Air Asia, with Air Asia holding 49% of the airline, Tata Sons holding 30% and Amit Bhatia taking up the remaining 21% in the airline. The joint venture would also mark Tata’s return to aviation industry after 60 years.

Air Asia India in its process of induction has taken 068063eMittu Chandiliaya , 32, India-born(Chennai) and Singapore-based management consultant  as its first CEO. Chandilya is one of the youngest airline CEOs in India. Aditya Ghosh became president of India’s biggest low cost carrier (LCC) IndiGo at the same age. Air Asia India is a joint venture of the Malaysian LCC,Tata sons and Telestra Tradeplace .

Chandiliya has his plan to make Air Asia to Fly as quick as possibly preferably from December ,so that the frequency would appropriately be taken care of from January 2014.Mittu’s aim to provide cheapest travel to Indians to their pleasure trips in abroad.

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