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Aleen Showmeen:Katha Nuhen A Katha

Aleen Showmeen:Katha Nuhen A Katha

Katha Nuhen A Katha

13.08.2017:Aleen Showmeen Santosh Nayak , an emerging Ollywood Artist in Odisha and a combination of cinemaism. Surprising is his endeavour  to produce film ” Katha Nuhen A Katha ” unlike others.Dedicated to the cause regardless of his all hurdles on the way.Katha Nuhen A Katha,a quite social oriented film more like educating than being cheap commercial.Can’t be believed if not seen.Each character quite importantly placed in their respective position.Katha Nuhen Ei Katha

Santosh and his spouse a brilliant Aleen being supportive ,Santosh has now seen the taste of successfully stepping into the filmdom which has been his dream since birth.He has started his journey from Navodaya school to Mumbai Theater industry and now in Odisha to share his experience of professionalism with his fellow followers. Amazing is his personality and quite a man different inside.

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