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Amogh’s concern

Amogh’s concern

This can only be irony that on this very day, I write to you about how the President of India, the head of our Constitution, has rogered and crippled Constitutional Right of a Citizen of India.
I have been sharing my views freely on Our President of India page in Facebook.
Since past one month, the President of India has decided to block my rights to comment and sharing my views. This is a symbol of restricting my Constitutional Right to express my view to President Of India.  Thank Fully,  PMO India has been very tolerant to my views, So Far.
In summary, My views have been as follows…
1. For PMO, My views has been mixed. My appreciation for PM’s actions for promoting India in the world, Make In India, Swach Bhaarat. All those who oppose PM on these action must think again as it will only weaken our PM and hence our Nation. It is our responsibility to strengthen our PM while he is in Office on such forward looking plans of his.
2. For PMO, your plan like “Atal Pension Yojana” are real cheating as the offering is much lower and impractical than what is already available at retail level in all banks. These repackaging and offering less than market and spending crores to promote them is nothing less than cheating.
3. For PMO to be Criminally Negligent to Security Interest of India and Me being selectively targeted by  your Ministry for WhistleBlowing on this negligent matter makes you my Villain # 2.
4. For President of India,   President must reflect the Population of India and his lavish lifestyle coupled with indifferent attitude is a slap to the majority of the democratic India that we are.

5. For President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has done nothing to eliviate President’s office from being viewed again as a royal Retirement Home.
6. Current President of India,  you are equally Criminally Negligent because the threat I received was after writing to you.
7.  Now, President of India has decided to restrict My rights to share views in President’s Facebook page. This has been selectively and unilaterally restricted which shows that office of president is #intolerant to citizen views that doesn’t look good to him.   This in my view is Disrespect of Constitution by means of restricting Citizen’s constitution right to freedom of expression.
Current President of India, in my view, qualifies for being considered to be impeached, for crushing A citizen’s right to freedom of expression. But, that only Parliament can do.
Dear Sumitra Mahajan,  Its upto you to take a view on this. I can only submit that years before, young lads gave supreme sacrifice at tender age hoping for a free India and a concerned and caring future generation. And we the future generation continue to be blind, deaf and dumb to evils in our constitutional practices.
Hope your concern, nationalistic value and passion will rise and motivate you to Act, not just talk.
Dear Prime Minister Modi,   This is not a Politically colored message. I am not a Political person. I am one of the many educated, concerned, aggressive and daring Citizen of India who is not ready to compromise.   You have for over 18  months, cared to ignore my messages.  Think again, ignoring my message will do no good, but considering them will bring a sea change in your behavior and action and that I am confident about.
Thus while we celebrate today as Constitution Day of India, its Irony that today is the day, I share to you how Constitutional Head , the President of India, has undermined the Constitutional Rights of me, another Citizen of India.
But Ironically, “Free India’s history stands testimony that system has always been disrespected and at times raped by those very individuals who had been given the responsibility to take care of it”. Some times in the very temple of our democracy.
It is a further Irony that India, a nation whose emblem says “Satyameva Jayatey” or “Truth Prevails” but the tallest truth of India is “Lies and Deceits are The Necessary Truth of our Governance. And Life without which are called impractical and Idealist by erst-while PM of India”.
For a Common Citizen of India, Indian constitution has been reduced to a large colorful Umbrella of Democracy under which we see Tyranny and Opression applied by unwritten policies of corruption, lies and deceits Governed by muscle power supported with failure of Law Enforcement and Judiciary. Justice delay is Justice denied and Justice Denied is murder of Constitutional Rights of its Citizens. Thus, Murder of Constitution.


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