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Appeal for extension of OPSC Exam

An appeal in regards to OPSC main examination has been put before the Honorable Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik Ji on 14th August 2014. The aim of the appeal is to extend the  OPSC Main Examination-2011 which is scheduled to be held from 6th to 30th September 2014.

Through your (visual and print media) sources, we came to know the recent heavy rainfall in the state of Odisha which has been badly affected more than 23 districts of Odisha State. Because of heavy rainfall a devastating flood has taken place in many parts of  Odisha. As per your  (various visual and print media) report as well as government report,  more than 18 Lakhs people, 7000 villages, 5000 houses has been miserably affected in 23 districts. It’s also noticed that more than 45 human causality has taken place and uncountable animals and agricultural land and crops were completely washed away and destroyed due to the flood. Still many people and villages are under the cordon of water.  

We appealed the Honorable Chief Minister to extended the Main examination on the following grounds.

1.Aftermath of the heavy rainfall and caused flood many villages are disconnected from the mainstream cities and unable to get their day-to-day needs.

2. There is problem of electricity, drinking water as well as scarcity of food, medical facilities. Many schools and colleges, medical, transportation and other public services have been miserably disturbed and discontinued.

3. As you know among the 5823 candidates, many aspirants hailing from these flood affected districts. In this circumstance, it’s very difficult for them to prepare for the upcoming OPCS main examinations.

4.There are many brilliant minds who may not fulfill their dream to materialize due to this natural disaster. These candidates have been mentally and psychologically affected very badly. In addition to this, their houses and their daily needs are ruined.

5. The OPSC conducts the Civil Services examination and recruit once in a five years. The young persons of Odisha are future human resources for better progressive Odisha. They have a big dream to serve their mother land Odisha.

 So looking at the above mentioned problems, we are appealing you to consider the appeal on high moral ground by that many candidates will be benefited.

NB: the petition has been campaigned through We received 102 valuable signature and comments for the petition from people of Odisha and also from various parts of India. The supporters are the concerned people of Odisha as well as citizen of India. A soft copy of the petition has already reached to the Chief Minister office, Odisha through And hard copy of the petition will be reached to the CM office tomorrow.

On behalf of the Petition, I, request to you kindly take this appeal as an urgent and print it on front page and show this on prime time. A copy of petition with signature and comments of the supporters has attached with this letter for your reference.

Kind Regards

Dr. Birendra Suna


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