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Emerging Babaism in India:Not Sadhus

Emerging Babaism in India:Not Sadhus

Emerging Babaism in India:Not Sadhus

Babas:Emerging Babaism in India

Babas:Emerging Babaism in India

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Emerging Babaism in India

India is a country of sacrosanct belief in religions developed from its rich heritage. It has enshrined centers for rituals and offered a great exposure to sages and saints over the ages. The golden pages of socio-religious history sing the glory in many hues. There’s narration of incidents and accidents which arrest the reader’s mind . The magic occult enigmas and incredibles are the most alluring features associated to almost all respects of religions. Since the inception of humanity, it has its growth and existence appropriately nourished and flourished in the hands of propagators, priests and prophets with their prophesying propensity.

Undoubtedly, there is much fact in it but  more is the fabrication on the other hand, with the advent of new knowledge and especially the scientific approach of things in general which has been the trend of the current irony age, people no more linger in blind beliefs and have receptivity to mug up fairy tales of Golden age. Sticking to cynicism and relaying on more appropriate rational view of things, an outcome of logical analysis, they dismiss the discourse none chalantly which is appreciative to a greater extent. And yet there is a huge mass of idiots who with unreasonable attitude and naive dispositions tread on the beat leading to insoluble predicaments. I think it is just to address there as idiots since their heads have ceased to coordinate with truth.

This is the sole reason which has opened up boundless prospect for the emerging BABAISM. Like the monarchs and invincible dictations they have been enjoying privileges and swindling the blind believes initiating their abominable, nefarious tens parent. In the broad daylight they rob, and that too in the sacred hams of Gods, in reference to religion in addition to sanctimonious practices.

Like wild-goose-chase the followers go mad at any proposal proposed to them by these Babas. They are totally memorized for which their facilities are enslaved and they dance to the tunes played by them. Klith the passage of times they turn puppets performing tomfoolery which ultimately results subjected them to victimization having been ensured.

To prevail upon others with and identity of a Baba is not everybody’s cup of tea. It’s not a business that any tom, ferry can carry on. It really needs a tremendous personal setting. Programmed brain and body and a mass tearful carpal bearing which lays a calculated minutely designed to drive at the desired.

Being gifted with cramming capability they mug up the intricate gospels and dioceses, hymens and char ants make boisterous public speech even more cacophonous and other unpleased noise. Unbelievable is their magnetic torrents of lecture with grandilouge verbosity verbal to produce an effect deliberately to accept “BABA IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.

The shower of appreciation applaud and corroborate to ‘BABAs’ sale redness for which only BABAs have enough right for any salnilege. They beguile the foolish followers saying that they are incarnations of gods and preach the best and practice the best and practice the worst in their nest.

Anyone wrapped in orange colored dhoti the fore head adorned with sandal paste and vernilisation and the artfully decorated with bushy beards must not be looked upon as Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Beware of them. They are more satanic than saton, it is certain.Most of the Indian BABAS like to be among babes .The scene is really remarkable.Their co-existence presents a picture view of a baboon with a bacchalion look.The  regular application of creams and power and all meant to improve the luster of skin adds to their facial glaze.In case of food  selection they are connoisseur and in find, they are infallible economists.As they belongs to the same species of homosapien s they,too,possess  the modern gadgets and enough knowledge and skill required for Their operation.

Long  ago,BABAS lived in villages but now a days the ultra-modern  BABAS dwells  in Villas, skyscraper

And there is a unique conglomeration of disagreeable objects silenced of their hostility in the holy

Juxtaposition.We know Wine can never agree with  milk,but milk can’t deny  to be in a Wine –container.

What an Idea Babaji |

This is not the limit,there is far greater things.How can our banana republic have its role without being

Friendly with notable BABAS of rare kind.Time and again their intervention is demanded whenever and wherever rise arises.The blessing of BABAS decides the rate of success in battles of politics  though every move ,may be human or inhuman,cruel and kind,is fair in the arena of politics.Hence,there is emergence

Of political BABAS in emergency what’s wrong if this aseetic people  participate in it? Their Stoicism is kept intact so far the ‘BABAISM’ is supported unanimously.

Unbearable to same people are these facts,but they are undone.Who can go against the Powerful BABAS and push himself to Doom’s Day?

If any one is taught saying anything against their ideal personage,he will certainly earn the unwanted reputation having prefixes  to his name as ‘atheist’savage and so on.Then he will be dragged to the

Headlines in the famous adornable fourthstate to be portrayed as a hatred to Nation,religion ,culture

In general and BABAS  in particular.There will be mob chasing after him and a throng of bigots and fanatics,often  proved to be agressors on those occasions chuckle vitriolic remarks more venomous

For a layman to digest.He  will otherwise, must die because violation of a                can never be entertained in a soli perfected in the presence of ‘BABAISM’ and Secularism,the chief exponent of

Democracy defined by diabolical demagogues.

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