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C.B.I chargesheet on Itishree murder

C.B.I chargesheet on Itishree murder

Rayagada :26/02/2014: OBB: C.B.I chargesheet on Itishree murder: Persons privileged with position tends to commit classified and privileged offence like rape, fraud, embezzling funds indulging in corrupt activities under the carpet. Itishree murder is nothing but an offshoot of such privileged position. The police officer privileged with his position took up the offensive mode like cat’s milk testing inside the pot. Itishree is killed and numerous girls and women are still under the threat from such privileged persons. Privileged is he who does certain work preferably to save the human against illegality like lawyers files a case to save a person protecting his or her rights. So a lady client affected with problems becomes victims to the lawyers at times so also to the judges and police officers. Glaring instances could be borrowed from the case of Manu Singh Shingvi  with his lady junior, justice Ashok Kr. Ganguly with his lawinturn, Tarun Tejpal with his lady colleague associates, Asharam Bapu with lady disciple and the like.

Demanding CBI probe into Itishree Pradhan’s murder case, the members of Nari Nirjyatana Birodhi Abhijan staged demonstration. The state assured regarding to that,women are insecure. Itishree has already revealed that she wouldn’t withdraw the harassment complaint. In addition to this matter also extended to all the high officials including Chief Minister. But simultaneously it was pertinent that no step was taken yet.


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