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Odisha Preparedness against Disaster Challenge

 Odisha Preparedness against Disaster Challenge Bhubaneswar, 29th April :OBB:Odisha Preparedness against Disaster Challenge. ‘Phailine’- 2013 has become a guiding stick to save the state from any kind of natural disaster and to provide minimum necessities in restoration of electric power ,Chief Secretary emphasised during a workshop held for the purpose. Accomplishing emergent restoration within least possible record time, Govt. is now ... Read More »

Wild life conservation a mockery in Odisha Animals in Chandaka remains as victim

wild life

Wild life conservation a mockery | Odisha Animals| Chandaka remains as victim Wild life conservation Chandaka  Animals in  soaring summer cooled by water tankers  BHUBANESWAR: Wild life conservation a mockery | Odisha Animals| Chandaka remains as victim .Summer in Odisha soaring up.Animals are unrest .Added to this, the denuding  of forest rest place has posed thundering threat for the conservation of wild life ... Read More »

Ancient volcanic explosions leads to Mercury formation

  Ancient volcanic explosions leads to Mercury formation Washington:03/04/2014: OBB/SC- Abdus Shamim: Researchers have discovered that the surface of Mercury is crackled with volcanic explosions for extended periods of the planet’s history. The researchers were surprised by these findings as the planet wasn’t supposed to have explosive volcanism in the first place; they have also said that this could have implications for ... Read More »

Oh God its SUMMER- Beat the Heat

  SUMMER- Beat the Heat SUMMER heat defeat-clues Cuttack : Abdul Hakim: (OBB) Summer heat can be very exhausting and dehydrating but beat the summer heat with these cooling foods; you don’t need to sit under the air conditioner all day during the summer. The elderly and young children are at a high risk of suffering from these abnormal temperatures in ... Read More »

Green Coverage|World Forest Day Celebrated

WORLD FOREST DAY CELEBRATED  SECRETARY ADVISED TO INCREASE GREEN COVER THROUGH COLLABORATIVE EFFORT AND  OF TECHNOLOGY. Bhubaneswar 21st March:OBB/(I&PR):Green Coverage|World Forest Day Celebrated. Forest is essential for survival and welfare of human life and its importance is increasing day by day said Chief Secretary Sri Jugal Kishore Mohapatra while speaking on the World Forest Day organized in the Soochna Bhawan today as ... Read More »

Live interaction from Space,NASA

  Live interaction from Space,NASA US: 27/02/2014: OBB National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA 250 miles (402 kilometers) above Earth’s surface on the International Space Station LiveFromSpace on March 14. (Image courtesy NASA) Say hi to the astronauts by sharing your photo and video “hellos” on Instagram with we might just select you to ask the astronauts a question live.     Read More »

Elephant herd in cuttack waiting a chance at Brajabiharipur

Elephant herd in cuttack

Cuttack : 21.02.2014: OBB: Abdus Shamim: Elephant herd in cuttack waiting a chance at Brajabiharipur. Now the city of cuttack is under threat from wild elephants roaming in and around Naraj area including Brajabiharipur, Balibandha. Although no human causality is ever reported, but threat to human life can not be ruled out. No jungle! only concrete building are being built ... Read More »

Rain in Odisha, paining the people and glowing the beauty

Cuttack:Rain in Odisha and paining the people and glowing the beauty Read More »

ESSAR Steel steals Odisha and Keonjhar threatened

Keonjhar: 16.Feb.2014: OBB(HS): Saswati Routray: ESSAR Steel steals Odisha and Keonjhar threatened. ESSAR Steel has been laying out its pipe lines across the newly constructed road of Naranpur -Bramhanipal ,but as it appears to save the cost of the company regardless of delaying the road work ,the company being hands in glove with the road construction company i.e Gayatri Construction ... Read More »

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