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ଆଜି ପୁରୀ ଶ୍ରୀମନ୍ଦିର ପକ୍ଷରୁ ଛତିଶା ନିଯୋଗ ବୈଠକରେ ନିଆଯାଇଛି ଏକ ବଡ ନିଷ୍ପିତ୍ତି । କରୋନା କଟକଣାକୁ ନେଇ ସପ୍ତାହରେ ଦୁଇ ଦିନ ବନ୍ଦ ରହିବ ଶ୍ରୀମନ୍ଦିର । ଶନିବାର ଓ ରବିବାର ମହାପ୍ରଭୁ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥଙ୍କୁ ଦର୍ଶନ କରିପାରିବେ ନାହିଁ ଭକ୍ତ । ଏଥିସହ ବାହାର ଭକ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ RTPCR ନେଗେଟିଭ୍ ରିପୋର୍ଟ ବାଧ୍ୟତାମୂଳକ କରାଯାଇଛି । ଏହି ନିୟମ ଆସନ୍ତା ୨୪ ତାରିଖରୁ ଲାଗୁ କରାଯିବ । ଏନେଇ ଶ୍ରୀମନ୍ଦରି ଉନ୍ନୟନ ପ୍ରଶାସକ ଅଜୟ କୁମାର ଜେନା ସୂଚନା ଦେଇଛନ୍ତି । ଏହି ବୈଠକଟି ଭର୍ଚୁଆଲ୍ ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ଅନୁଷ୍ଠିତ ହୋଇଥିଲା । ବଢୁଥିବା କରୋନା ସଂକ୍ରମଣ ଲାଗି ଭାରତ ପ୍ରତ୍ନତ୍ତତ୍ୱ ବିଭାଗ ମେ’ ୧୫ ଯାଏ ଦେଶର ସମସ୍ତ ଐତିହ୍ୟସ୍ଥଳ ବନ୍ଦ ରଖିବା ପାଇଁ ନିର୍ଦ୍ଦେଶ ଦେଇଛନ୍ତି । ଏନେଇ ପୁରୀ ଶ୍ରୀମନ୍ଦିର ପରିଚାଳନା ବିଭାଗ ସହ ଆଲୋଚନା ହୋଇ ନିଷ୍ପତ୍ତି ନିଆଯାଇଛି ।

  • Odisha Might lead to 🔒 lockdown

    Bhubaneswar: 20.2 .21. : Covid19 analysts believe that Odisha might lead to lockdown situation as mi...

  • Delhi Imposes Corona Lockdown

    Finally Delhi govt imposed lockdown for a week. But people are thinking of a long lockdown and buyin...

  • Pipli. By-election 2 will have no rallies

    Puri 20.4: After the ruling party, BJD’s , declaration that no rallies shall be held in Pipili...

  • Puducherry Recovery Rate Higher than Natl Av

    PUDUCHERRY: April 19 :The union territory has so far reported 48,336 corona cases of which 42,931 pa...

  • BJP to restrict rally crowd to 500 in WB

    BJP will not hold any big rallies in West Bengal amid an unprecedented rise in Covid-19 cases across...

  • Bhubaneswar Rukuna Ratha Festival Tomorrow

    ଆସନ୍ତାକାଲି ରୁକୁଣା ରଥଯାତ୍ରା, ମୁତୟନ ହେବେ୧୫ ପ୍ଲାଟୁନ୍ ପୋଲିସ୍ ଫୋର୍ସ ଭୁବନେଶ୍ୱର, ୧୯ ।୪ (ଓଡିଶା ଭାସ୍କର) : ରାଜ...

  • Corona virus trasmits by Air?

    ନୂଆଦିଲ୍ଲୀ : କରୋନା ଭୂତାଣୁର ଦ୍ୱିତୀୟ ଲହର ଏବେ ଭାରତରେ ସାଂଘାତିକ ରୂପ ନେଇଥିବା ବେଳେ ଅନ୍ୟାନ୍ୟ କେତେକ ରାଷ୍ଟ୍ରରେ ...


Politics Read More »


Politics Read More »

Mallikarjun Kharge’s outburst in Parliament

 Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge’s outburst in Parliament Mallikarjuna Kharge released hot words against Prime Minister Narendra Modi focusing on his demonetisation being unbecoming in a country where democracy has the role to play with. Points to mark 125 people died because of the alleged demonetisation for which PM Modi has hardly any concern and feelings nor have at least apologized ... Read More »



SAINIK SCHOOL ANNUAL ATHLETIC MEET  The 55th Annual Athletic Meet of Sainik School Bhubaneswar held at Gandhi Stadium of the campus closed on 18th Jan 2017. The noted International Athlete Smt. Pranati Mishra graced this occasion as Chief Guest. On her arrival at the Campus there was a great sense of joy among the Cadets, as she happens to be ... Read More »

Asian Human Rights Commission


 Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission 13 January 2017:INDIA: Where police rape women and NHRC seeks mere compensation.It is almost a week since the National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) admitted to have found prima facie evidence  of the security personnel of state government of Chhattisgarh having raped and sexually and physically assaulted at least 16 women, mostly women belonging to ... Read More »

Kite Festival In Odisha

kite festival

Kite Festival In Odisha   Kite Festival Inaugurated At Gopalpur-On- Sea Gopalpur (14:01:17): On the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, a two-day long kite festival is being organized by the Brahmapur Development Authority (BDA) at Gopalpur-on- Sea. Mr. Amitabh Thakur, IG Southern Range and Mr. Prem Chandra Chaudhury, Collector of Ganjam cum Vice Chairman of BeDA inaugurated the traditional event on ... Read More »

Tusu Parab and Makar Sankranti

Happy Tusu Parab and Makar Sankranti Tusu Parab. is a crop festival of Jharkhand and its neighboring states like Odisha and Bengal held during the winter on the last day of Poush month. Unmarried girls decorate a wooden/ bamboo frame with colored paper and then gift it to the nearby hilly river. Although there is no documented history available on ... Read More »

Narendra Modi appears more impractical

Narendra Modi appears more impractical  Cuttack:  Surprise is the situation ,Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has been carried by his high aspiration to become father of modern India and therefore ,he has  created his symbol weaving through Charakha but his contribution if looked into,he has the design to build modern India through digitization or may be through mobile Selfie ... Read More »

Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna

NewDelhi/Bhubaneswar/03/08/2016 MoS(I/C)P&NG, Sh. Dharmendra Pradhan thanked to Hon’ble PM & the Cabinet for the approval by the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs (CCEA) for upgradation of Government Medical College(GMC), Cuttack at a cost of Rs. 200 Crore under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna. Out of Rs. 200 crore, the Central government share will be Rs. 120 crore, while the state ... Read More »

Heritage gate at Sisupalgarh

PNG Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on dedication of heritage gate at Sisupalgarh. Read More »

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