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Craze for Red Light brought to a halt:Verdict by S.C

 New Delhi:10.12.2013: Craze for Red Light brought to a halt. Sources said,the apex court comprising of Justice G S Singhvi and Justice C.Nagappan has taken up a PIL for hearing  pursued by one Abhay Singh,resident of Uttar Pradesh  on misuse of red beacon lights. The Apex Court of India has taken a very serious exception to the use of red light in  vehicles ... Read More »

Red light,Red domain & Red Area

 Red light turned red area Cuttack:Red light turned red area.Chief Justice P Sathasivam has made it clear that no follow -up action is necessary  since Justice Ganguly is no more in his active judgeship of the Apex court . In sharp reaction to the decision of CJI,Minister  and advocate Kapil Sibal commented ,””Why did they set up an inquiry if ... Read More »

The Lawyers’Academy vrs Judicial Academy

Cuttack: 3rd Dec.2013: The Lawyers’Academy vrs Judicial Academy.The Lawyers Academy is at last coined to  invite judges  from the pyramidal stature of judiciary  regardless of its eligibility to start such academy.Advocates of standing comment,it is possible to collect huge funds from different quarters once judges from supreme court agrees to attend the meeting.Question haunts , as to what the funding strength ... Read More »

How long the scene of appeasement of judge will continue?

Cuttack 1st Dec.2013: Srinivas Mohanty(Editor): How long the scene of appeasement of judge will continue? Coterie in Orissa High Court remains active for appeasement of Judges.  Lawyers’Academy now all set and done emerges by group of lawyers in Cuttack  which many lawyers comment being a pseudo concept of education for the lawyers ; funny in understanding and funny to know about the kind ... Read More »

Sexual assault pays its price against mighty Tejpal being arrested

Sexual assault pays its price against mighty Tejpal being arrested.Long awaited episode spearheaded by BJP,in particular  , has won the battle and Tarun Tejpal is taken to police custody in the evening of 30.11.2013 in Goa following the rejection of  his anticipatory bail by the Sessions judge ,Goa.Charges leveled against Tejpal ,inter alia ,s.376 of IPC and the offence being a ... Read More »

Indian Judiciary stands in Cross Road

Cuttack: 30.11.2013:Indian Judiciary stands in Cross Road,lawyers in Orissa High Court comment. Judges in higher judiciary including Supreme Court of India are now brought to the touch stone of integrity and morale values .Judges are human being not the god as we address them in an anglicized words as “My lord,your lordship and the like”  and all human instincts are ... Read More »

Goa Police on Friday filed a case of rape case against Tehelka founder

Goa Police on Friday filed a case of rape and outraging of modesty against Tehelka founder Tarun Tejpal for his having made sexual assault  on his women journalist colleague in course of lift -journey which has been surfaced 10 days ago through the email by the victim . In a letter to Managing Editor of Tehelka Shoma Chaudhary, Mr. Tejpal ... Read More »

Old Age cripples countless officials but not judges nor politicians nor VVIPs

Old Age cripples countless officials but not judges nor politicians nor VVIPs,senior citizens comment.The trend developed in India is that post retirement benefit is being given to most of the judges by holding different pivotal posts and if not possible, one may be accommodated in any commission assignment .Invariably is it  seen that most of the Acts are coined by ... Read More »

Prabir Palit Memorial Lecture-2013

Cuttack:14.11.2013: Prabir Palit Memorial Lecture-2013 is scheduled to be held om 16.11.2013 at Saheed Bhawan ,6 P.M.the topic selected :Social Justice for the poor and the marginalised -a judicial perspective.” The function is patronised by Prabir Palit Memorial Committee .Late Prabir Palit is a legendary advocate in the history of Orissa High Court and he had lot of contribution to the ... Read More »

Orissa High Court Vrs the Coterie

Cuttack: 12.11.2013: Orissa High  Court has its symbolic characteristic accommodating lawyers from the different cross section of the society in Odisha unlike the bars in Sambalpur and Western Odisha .Majority of sitting judges in the high court are from Western Odisha .No feeling ,no complex has ever existed ;but for couple of months ,some errant lawyers in Sambalpur swayed with ... Read More »

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