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Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented

Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented

Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented

Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented 

Bhubaneswar: Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented .Murmuring voice coming all around how is congress and how is it pulling ? Sea Change, in fact that holds organisational revamping being the sole reason for such unprecedented down fall unlike the days faced by late Indira Gandhi .In past ,congress has seen many ups and downs but in measured track and the founder members were never ignored .The persons those who have been standing as pillars for congress, may he be Dr.J.B.Patnaik, Niranjan Patnaik,Nilu Mohapatra, Hemananda Biswal and above all K.C Lenka are at a bay ;and Srikant Jena attaining the status of being an adopted Me member/congress plays the role when he is himself positioned  in-secured in front Rabindra Kumar Jena of Balasore .

In our survey,Srikant Jena has always been hero in election fray but by mistake and this time he has a tough time to face with Rabindra Kumar Jena .Srikant Jena has made his career in cultivating politics as his profession and out of his maneuvering skills he could able to make out a business netting across the country though his family members ;back to Rabindra Kumar Jena ,he belongs to a political family and his paternal uncle was a three time MLA and former MP and former President of Congress Party ,and on the other his father who has architected Rabindra Kumar Jena being an engineer of repute and scholar of the country ,no less and important person ,his vision is merely carried by Rabindra .

an engineer of repute in in high income group become agreeable to join politics when when rumor went around ,Srikant Jena ,may he be an outsider but he will march over Balasore talents and the persons in Balasore today may not gather the strength to fight with. These words have apparently wounded Mr.Ranbindra Jena and then firm decision -Yes I will join politics ,enough is enough ,I earned at least to feed my children ;and jouney started .Promising character and flawless conduct has become the conduit to carry Rabi Babu to Naveen and now a foreign educated and a revolutionary personality in business world landed up in politics ; and this is the concept he has attained from European countries .Saturation once met join the people and serve rest of the life and die happily .with this flagship Rabindra Kumar Jena ,in election fray and the respect and welcoming attitude he saw from the people ,he appears to have forgotten the torching summer.

Odisha congress is led to bay of Bengal by Srikant & his close aide Jayadev&are sinking along with their supremo Sonia  ,no way out to save congress in Odisha congrees debacle|odisha

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