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Congress has now become an issue in Snoopgate

Congress has now become an issue in Snoopgate

NEW DELHI: Congress has now become an issue for itself reviving an issue already buried .The issue of Snoopgate inquiry allegedly involving BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi ran into trouble on Sunday with two UPA constituents — NCP and National Conference — opposing the move to appoint a judge in the “dying hours” of the government.

Crime is always a crime ,but crime detection in political circle involving persons of  high profile ought to be dealth with utmost care and caution and the way now congress is prevented from getting into Snoopgate speaks about democracy and otherwise insecurity inside.

And the sense of insecurity has now driven the  Congress, to put a motion to Snoopgate by naming a judge to inquire .Here is a stalemate on account of election result on head and thus the action of congress party for Snoopgate is considered otherwise being a kind of hurried action to stain a Prime Ministerial candidate with criminal accusation. 

In a setback to the efforts to name a judge before May 16, when results of the Lok Sabha elections will be out, NCP and National Conference questioned the move.

 A young woman has told the Supreme Court that she is “thankful” that the Gujarat police was assigned to tail her, and urged the judges to block investigations to determine whether the surveillance was legal and ordered by Mr Modi. 

“Snoopgate” is pivoted around allegations that secretly-recorded phone conversations reveal that as Gujarat Chief Minister, Mr Modi tasked his close aide Amit Shah, to ensure the woman was spied upon by top police officers. (Amit Shah Slams Government Move on ‘Snoopgate’ Probe

The Gujarat government in December assigned a retired  judge to investigate the allegations. The Congress controversially said just days ago that it would also appoint a judge for another inquiry. (Congress Allies Agree with BJP Over Snoopgate Appointment

The BJP and key allies of the Congress objected immediately, arguing that a government whose term is about to expire has no right to make important appointments. Today, Law Minister Kapil Sibal confirmed that the government has aborted its plans to select a judge to inquest Snoopgate. (Post Allies Attack, Government Changes Mind About Snoopgate Judge: Sources)

The petition filed today in the Supreme Court by the woman at the heart of Snoopgate  says her father and she are “thankful to the Gujarat government” for accepting a “personal request” to ensure her safety. The woman, who is now married, said she was aware of the surveillance and said that investigations would violate her privacy.

The Supreme Court will hear the case on Friday and may pass interim orders that neither Gujarat nor the Centre can proceed with an inquiry.

Mr Modi’s high-octane campaign is expected to deliver the maximum seats to the BJP in the election. The Congress, floundering amid opinion poll predictions of a total rout, has been using Snoopgate to accuse Mr Modi of double speak on the issue of women’s safety. 

“When the results of the Lok Sabha elections are due in two weeks’ time, where is the need for such an enquiry,” senior NCP leader and Union minister Praful Patel told PTI.

Striking a similar note, Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah said if the decision to appoint a judge could not be taken in December then it was wrong to appoint one five months later.

Omar tweeted: “Was talking to my dad last night and he felt the same way — setting up a commission of inquiry in the dying hours of UPA-II is just wrong.

“If the decision to appoint a commission was taken in Dec it should have been implemented. To appoint a judge 5 months later is wrong”

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