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  1. There are 13 employees who have been working at the same station for more than 20 years (ANX-I). Mr Jayanta Kumar Mohanty has been working here since he started his career at Balangir. There are many instances like Mr Mohanty like Mrs Jayashree Nepak, Mrs Nirupama Sahu, Mr Nilachal Padhan, Mrs Kalyani Nanda, Mr Snanda Sahu, Ms Sabita Barai, Mrs Pratima Pradhan, etc. Mrs Jyotshnamayee Padhan also started her career here, went to Sonepur for a few months and came back to Balangir and she has been working here till now. According to Staff Service Rule, 2011 an employee must be transferred every 3-5 years (ANX-II). It is very surprising that till now more than 20 Bank Secretaries have come and gone from OSCB, but no one has ever taken any step towards it. It is due to employees’ union politics many union members are able to stay at Balangir by pressurizing the management and the bank secretaries like Mr Jayanta Kumar Mohanty, Mr S B Khamari, Mrs Jyotshnamayee Padhan and many more women employees who were included in the union for the second time. So what is needed is immediate transfer to those employees who have never been transferred to other stations in their career. There should be a transparent and fair transfer policy of the bank. As these employees have been working in the same chair for a long time there is rampant corruption and nepotism in the bank.


  1. On 03-01-2009, only 42 employees out of 101 employees were given promotions as per Staff Services Rules, 1984. At that time Mr P.K.Mohanty was the Bank secretary. He has given promotions whimsically. For example, Mr Jayanta Kumar Mohanty along with 3 others was given two promotions in a single day. On 02-01-2009 Mr Jayanta K Mohanty was working as an Asstt Supervisor but on 04-01-2009 he became Branch Manager of the main branch without working a single day as Administrative Inspector. This is quite surprising. Even in this promotion neither seat nor place were changed. Persons indulged with misfinances and misappropriations of money and case pending in the vigilance court were also promoted like Mr Ashok Mohapatra, Mr Gangadhar Swain, etc. At that time it was a hot topic in Orissa Legislative Assembly because they financed agricultural loans to several dead persons and ghosts.


  1. Also in this promotion, Mr Chakradhar Pradhan and Mr Bairiganjan Mishra were also promoted to the rank of Manager (presently AGM).  In the Bank’s Staff Service Rules, 1984, at page 5 under section 7(3), it is clearly mentioned that a Manager should have done HDC training / Labour law & personal management / VMNICM or RBI training or course. But as per  DCC Bank’s circular nos 5382 (103) dated 18-11-2013 & 6344 dated 16-02-2004 Mr Chakradhar Pradhan is a plane graduate (BA) with no training so he is/ was not fulfilling the minimum criteria as fixed by Staff Service Rules, 1984. Mr Bairiganjan Mishra was a matriculate with no training as specified in the staff service rules, 1984. So the promotions given in 2009 to some staffs are violating the staff service rule, 1984 (ANX-III). So it should be made void and the promotion given should be reversed.



  1. Non-Performing assets (NPA) of the main branch of the bank has reached a giant percentage of nearly 67% and there is accumulated loss of the bank to the tune of Rs49 crores in the financial year 2013-14 (refer audit report of the main branch and bank of 2013-14) still it is surprising that neither the Bank Secretary nor NABARD nor OSCB has done nothing to save the situation.


  1. In the bank out of 101 employees 63 are matriculates and undergraduates. Agriculture and Cooperation graduates are nil. Economics, Management and Commerce graduates are a few and their number is less than 10. In the main branch out of 15 staffs 12 are contingent staffs. This is the position in most of the branches.



  1. Legal expanses have been increasing phenomenally. In 2013-14 it was eight times to that in 2009-10(ANX-IV, V). In 2013-14 it was Rs 6.7 lakhs. It is due to the fact that even in minor matters also the bank has been paying fees to advocates. For example, in providing information under RTI Act legal opinion is not required because if you have information you have to give it else not but as the PIO and associated officers and staffs are incompetent so in every step they are taking the help of advocates. Even if an employee asks for an experience certificate that time also legal opinion is taken. Almost in every matter due to the presence of incompetent staffs legal help is taken.
  2. Whether the bank comes under the RTI Act 2005 or not is dependent upon the whim of the PIO and his staffs. Sometimes he gives information sometimes not (ANX- VI).


So immediate interference of The Secretary, Cooperation, Odisha government, The Managing Director, OSCB, NABARD and Registrar of Cooperative Societies (Orissa) are needed. Proper persons should be placed in proper positions in the bank. Crime branch or CBI investigationis required to unearth the financial and other irregularities of the Bolangir District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd; Balangir, Odisha.



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