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Daringibadi in Odisha

Daringibadi in Odisha

                  Daringibadi in Odisha

“Wandering heart and Bohemian souls”, who are thriving hard to taste a sip of alpine atmosphere in the Indo-Gangetic plain can find their solace at a place called ‘Daringbadi’  in the state of Odisha.

The uniqueness of the name deciphers the posthumous custom of naming an indigenous place in parity with that of any British sahib who used to live at this very place for a specific time, which in this case is Daring Saab. Badi is the village where he used to reside.

How to Reach

Daringbadi is situated in the Kandimal district of Odisha at an altitude of 915m from sea-level.

By Rail –  There is no railhead in Daringbadi. One has to get down at Berhampore which is located 125 km from this serene hill station. One can get private vehicles to reach Daringbadi from there and it will charge 750-800 INR (approximately) as per availability. Berhampore is an important railway station for any South bound train towards Chennai and Hyderabad from other metropolitan cities. So you can catch one quite easily.

By Road – The easiest way to reach Daringbadi is to book a private taxi from the nearest locations like Berhampur, Phulbani or Balliguda. You can also avail the private bus services which run between Berhampur and Daringbadi.

Distance Between Daringbadi and Other Major Towns of Odisha

Bhubaneswar – 250 kilometers (takes 5.30 – 6.00 hours)

Berhampur – 125 kilometers (takes 3.00 – 3.30 hours)

Gopalpur – 140 kilometers (takes 3.30 – 4.00 hours)

Taptapani – 110 kilometers (takes 2.30 – 3.00 hours)

Flora and Fauna

Daringbadi is the only place in Odisha, where one can sense snow in winter. What in actuality happens is that dew drops on the leaves get frozen as the temperature falls below the freezing point, thus one can experience every bit of frigid climatic zone.  This exotic place surpasses the highest magnitude of natural serenity with the ubiquitous presence of pine jungles, vast coffee plantations, and enchanting valleys.  This mystical place is also the natural hub of the most primitive tribal class of Indiansubcontinent – ‘Kutia Kondhas’.  These tribal people prepare a drink ‘Salpa’ by the mixture from the extracts of ‘Salpa’ tree and date palm and thereby can quench the thirst of alcohol enthusiasts.

Places of Interests

There are a number of places where a visitor can go to in Daringbadi. And everything is so close to nature that it can leave you with a refreshing memory after you are over with the entire trip. So here is a list of places which can be explored if you decide to visit Daringbadi.

Belghar Sanctuary – The tropical deciduous forest of Belghar Sanctuary is located at a distance of 158 kilometers from the city of Phulbani and around 50 km from Daringbadi. The sanctuary spreads over an area of 16, 174,46 acres. Of which the cultivated area is 3876.44 acres. And the rest comprises the reserve forest and land for other purposes.

The thick forest is home to a number of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The pride of the forest, however, is the long tusker wild elephant that exists in plenty in the region. The particular region is inhabited by the tribal people known as the Dogria Khond, the most primitive tribe of India. They are also known as the Nakate tribes of the mountain. The tribal folks practice shifting agriculture and also use the products yielded by the forests; certainly, the date palm is one of the most commonly used one. A wooden bungalow at Belghar attracts many nature loving visitors. It has acclaimed the name of ‘Eco Village’ for this very reason.

Rushikulya River – When there is a hill station, there is bound to be a river nearby. And it is the Rushikulya River that flows swiftly through the slanting slopes of Daringbadi hills.

Putudi Waterfalls – This beautiful place is located just at a distance of 15km from Phulbani. Composed of picturesque scenery this place has thrived as one of the prominent waterfalls of Odisha. This place with nearby Doluri river serves many unexplored yet beautiful picnic spots. Lover’s Paradise is a site where one can have a romantic and solitary picnic with a clinching sound of a small stream passing by.

This epic place is the abode of nature lovers, bird lovers. Thus a visionary sip will have a soothing touch to any ever wandering heart.

Kotagarh Sanctuary – Spreading over 400 square kilometer area it is one of the important wildlife reserves of Odisha. The main vegetation of the place consists of dense deciduous forests with grasslands. The lush greenery of Kotagarh coupled with the serene ambience is ideal for tourists who want to enjoy a leisurely vacation.

Tiger, nilgai, sambar, spotted deer, peafowl, red jungle fowl, wild pig, gaur and many other wild animals can be visible if the visitor is lucky enough. It also bears a good avian life. One can also cherish a leisurely moment in Mandasaru which is a magnificent Eco Tourism Centre in Odisha.

Coffee plantations – There are two Coffee & black pepper plantations maintained by Soil Conservation/Forest Department of the Daringbadi area which is an ideal place to explore, particularly if you are looking for a picnic spot.


There are many hotels and resorts in Daringbadi. Hotel Padma and Hotel Utopia has got good reviews on different platforms and you will have quite a few at your disposal while planning a trip to Daringbadi – The Kashmir of Odisha.


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