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DIG Subrat Kr.Mishra CRPF takes action on motivation

DIG Subrat Kr.Mishra CRPF takes action on motivation

DIG CRPF under scanningBhubaneswar:5th July 2014: One Puspita Sahu wife of one Jawan  of CRPF, Bhubaneswar Rajendra  Kumar Sahu reported to our bulletin that in connection with a corruption news published in our web portal attributable to the misconduct and mismanagement of the erstwhile DIG Subrat  Kumar Mishra andThe allegation that was born in records relates to cutting of teak trees inside the campus of CRPF and using the same for self. Quite surprising officer bestowed with power to manage a battalion has made himself  to an unbecoming conduct and when the news has come to the public the officer’s on suspicion taking the subordinates to task . One such example is available with us as to how Puspita Sahu the wife  of CRPF Jawan got victimised and in the public she is put to public humiliation and his  husband is  forcibly taken to office for humiliation. This being the issue, she has made a complaint before the authority and try to invoke the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Dhamodar Das Modi. Sources further suggests that there was a car festival in CRPF campus , but the chariot which is built on the frame of the vehicle is alleged to have been procured forcibly from outside and it is suspected that the vehicle frame might be a cause of theft . Investigation if taken up that may suggests that persons from CRPF namely L.D. Swain, Havildar and S.I Arjun Sundray might have crafted the artificial chariot for the CRPF festival. Not administrative procedure is developed on the patronage of the IG Subrat mishra ; reprehensible is the action taken. Civility in the society stands condemning the surpetitious activities of the DIG Subrat. Mr Mishra’s suspected to have garnered a lot of money in Odessa and time without numbers he’s passing threats  to our reporting officers  but  surprisingly no justification or counter to our allegation published is ever challenged nor any couter to that weffect is ever subscribed by him to prove himself free from guilty .Guilty is he ,his conduct shows but his connection with the Home ministry is being used as his saving rod which we hope and trust the Govt today would defionitely look into and prosecution on criminal and corruption charges against Sri subrat Kumar Mishra be the need of the transparency. The text of the complaint is reproduced as follows:-

  • Complaint
To The DIGP GC, CRPF, Bhubaneswar Sub: allegation against misbehavior to a lady of Ex CRPF Jawan Sir I, Smt. Puspita Sahu w/o Rajendra Kumar Sahu at present residing the campus of CRPF at Qtr.No. 305. Type-II . Today at about 11 AM, while my husband was about to take breakfast, some of CRPF officers in three separate vehicles have reached our quarters and knocked the Bell. In order to attend the Bell ,I opened the door and saw group of officers standing in front of our door whom I know being Sri Bishan Singh and F Kullu ,Deputy Commandants along with one S.I Arjun Sundaray and others . No sooner I opened the door than Mr Bishan Singh and S.I Arjun Sundray bounced upon me and in a threatening voice questioned me as to why your husband is staying in the campus in spite of the eviction order passed and I ,in answer with folded hand told them to ask all these queries from my husband ,but S.I Arjun Sundray having screamed at me told that do you know with whom you are talking ? I said ,yes ,I am talking to the Dy.Commandants and then he asked me why you are not vacating the house ,would it be nice if we misbehave with you .I am totally scared by that time at the unbecoming gesture of the officers present and I gradually withdrew myself inside the house and called my husband to answer and my husband having heard the noisy exchange of words reached the spot and asked them why are they misbehaving with my wife ,Mr.Bishan Singh Dy Commandant passed a very rough comments on me and asked my husband OH ! you have a lovely wife ,let how your wife save you if department is hostile .By this, he dragged my husband with the help of S.I Arjun Sundray and put him in a jeep of CRPF Vehicle guarded by the vehicle of Mr.Kullu. I am yet to know what happened to my husband and as to why my husband was abducted by CRPF Officers without leaving any reason for my knowledge as law demands; and I have the apprehension, former DIG Subrat Kumar Mishra had been harassing my husband believing that his corruption news published in the news web portal may be crafted by him and on such grudge, my husband is under constant torture from different officers of your good office; and I have also further apprehension ,my husband may also be killed at the behest of DIG Subrat Kumar Mishra for which I hold the entire office responsible for the barbaric action meted to my husband in front of me .Hence I solicit your good office to kindly look into the matter and give us proper protection from the series of unwarranted harassment of your department people and obliged. Thanking you Yours faithfully, (Puspita Sahu) Copy forwarded to : 1. The Prime Minister of India ,New Delhi , 2. Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India,New Delhi , 3. D.G CRPF ,New Delhi , 4. I.G.CRPF, Odisha Sector, Bhubaneswar , 5.Chairman Human Rights Commission,Odisha ,Bhubaneswar 6. Commission for women,Odisha,Bhubaneswar ,7.IIC,Nayapali P.S ,Bhubaneswar


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