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Editorial: A charitable social  organisation named as Ödisha Development of Integrity Analysis “in short: ODIA  has, in its maiden attempt to be part with the cause of the people mostly with a layman, started its activities to launch a web portal news under the name and style of  “The Odisha Bulletin” which in its web name called as .

The Odisha Bulletin is otherwise known as Layman’s Corridor and thereby  aims at addressing the points which revolves  around a layman and it adheres to a principle of fearlessness by calling a spade a spade regardless of any high or low  position of the personality focused in the discussion and the principle “pen is the sword for protection” is, in the main, adopted being the salient feature in releasing the message from The Odisha Bulletin.

The Odisha Bulletin has its Board of Editors like Chief Managing Editor,Managing Editor,Working Editor ,Editor and group of Sub-Editors.This besides it has coined a post which is named as Source -Correspondent meaning thereby that whoever he may be , if somebody is posting any kind of news he will be considered as source -Correspondent so far as the said particular news is concerned and the Board of Editors are under obligation to look at the news and its worthiness of being posted in the category preferred by the Source -Correspondent .

So far as the Editorial Board is concerned ,all the news item intended to be posted shall be accompanied with the approval of the Chief Managing Editor but with regard to the source of such news ,the Source -Correspondent shall be accountable.

The Editor is the pivotal post who keeps co-ordination in among the Editors of all the categories and will ensure the news item posted is free from any kind of prejudice,ill-will or any bias.

The Odisha Bulletin stands credited with the nature of being upright and calling a spade a spade .

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