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EVM Exposed to Magic in India

EVM Exposed to Magic in India

EVM Exposed to Magic

Bhagyadhar: EVM Exposed to Magic: A lot of debate is agog on the veracity of  polling by EVMs and many a political parties are against it. As an onlooker to the SYSTEM DEFICIENCY, it was observed that a ruling party predicted to win 103 Assembly seats in 2009 Election and the exact no of seats they own after the voting result came out. The person who managed the Election was fondly called “THE CHANAKYA”. The said Chanakya was thrown out from the Party a few years later when he exuberated his desire to be the number one  and the Party went to the Election in 2014 with another Election Manager who made a forecast to win 117 seats before the Election and it also came true. Everyone including the Opposition Political parties, voters, media were aghast to witness the result when exact 117 nos of seats were won even without “THE CHANAKYA”.

Our Chief Election Commissioner  may brand it sound Election Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of the Political Party which had good HOME WORK. But, as an onlooker, the undersigned wanted to know the secrets of the Home Work and came in contact with a High School Asst Head Master who was a part of the Polling Party in a Tribal District in 2014. I asked him “How the voting went in favour of the ruling party when the common voter was against the Ruling party?”. He narrated the happenings in his Booth where 3,100 voters were to caste their votes. By 4.30 PM almost 1200 votes were polled and from the mood of the voters it was gathered that most were against the ruling party. At that point of time the First Polling Officer ( a Provincial Officer ) asked the second polling officer(High School Asst Head Master)  to prepare for pack up in another room. By the time they prepared , the First Polling Officer had caste another 1,900 votes which was in favour of the Ruling Party by using the EVM button 1,900 times. Being a High School Asst Head Master , he couldn’t open his mouth as consequences would follow being against the Ruling Party. This is the manner in which a particular Political party is winning Election after Elections with a BIG LAUGH TO THE DEMOCRACY AND IT’S SO CALLED CUSTODIAN, THE ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA. THIS MAGIC WAS DONE TWICE IN ONE PART OF THE STATE ONLY TO GET MAJORITY AND NOT IN THE ENTIRE STATE WITH A BOOTY OF RS 10.00 CRORES, AS ALLEGED,  FOR EACH DISTRICT COLLECTOR AND HIS POOLING PARTY WHO TOOK CHARGE OF RIGGING BY EVMs IN A SMOOTH MANNER.

Why the mandarins sitting in the Election Commission of India couldn’t take note of the above forecast twice, is really astonishing?. When ECI will rise from deep slumber to save DEMOCRACY by banning voting in EVMs is the COMMON man’s DESIRE?. When we close our eyes to REALITY, IT’S LIKE LIVING IN A FOOL’S PARADISE AND ALLOW THE MAFIAS TO RULE IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY.

A line in reply will be highly solicited as the said Political Party is in readiness to win the next Election also. The figure to win has not been made public and just on the eve of Election it would be declared to score HATRICK.

If CEC wants to continue with EVM for the reasons best known to the Authorities, adequate safeguards may be built in to the system to record timing of pooling so that the mischief by the Polling Party in EVMs can be nabbed.

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