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Faith Dance Gr. Staged Kinner Dance: Sweety  Kinner

Faith Dance Gr. Staged Kinner Dance: Sweety Kinner

24.06.2017:Faith Dance Group of Cuttack organised Inter State Kinner Dance Competition at Kala Vikash Kendra ,Cuttack which was lighted for a start up by Hon’ble M.L.A Cuttack -Barabati Sj. Debasis Samantray. Kinners across the state participated in the competition.Viewers were seen to have been enchanted and spell bound by the dance performed by the Kinners ,no less than the Hollywood stars.Debasis Samantray

Kinners being identified by their respective Groups have keenly involved in the programme under the able leadership of Sweety Kinner. Kinners live in the Ashram with their respective Guru whom they usually address as Guruma .The dedication of Kinners towards their Guruma was worth seeing ,tears rolling down in the enthusiasm which they admit being the blessings of their Gurus.

Sweety KinnerSweety Kinner quite decent in her behavior who has initiated kinnerism in as many as more than 100 Kinners across the state .Sweety says,she trains up the kinners in their respective field of interest and make the kinners worthy of living a life with dignity.According to her ,Kinners are considered to be the servant of mankind and serving the people is their pious motive and their basic fundamental motive  is  to be mingled with the almighty for which they are otherwise called Gopi of Lord Krishna  or else their almighty Krishna be distanced .The  sole aim of their life to be lost in the devotion of lord Krishna being Gopi and they feel the presence of Lord Krishan in their every walk of life.

In the dance competition the Kinner Group led by Sweety received the 1st price of Rs 10,000/-cash award. Sweety Kinner

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