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Fake Facebook Account saves life :HUFF POST

Fake Facebook Account saves life :HUFF POST

With Fake Facebook AccountNiece Allegedly Asks Her To Murder Family

An Alabama woman’s duplicitous attempt to befriend her niece with a fake Facebook account may be what saved her life.The niece was allegedly looking for someone to murder her entire family, including the aunt who set up the fake account.Marissa Williams, 19, is in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on charges of solicitation of murder. Authorities said she asked a person she met on Facebook named Tre “Topdog” Ellis to pretend to kidnap her and kill her family, along with the family dog.But Ellis was actually Williams’ aunt, who set up the bogus Facebook account in May in order to teach her niece a lesson about the dangers of social media.The name of Williams’ aunt has not been released, but the suspect has been living with her since April.The relationship was strained because Williams kept inviting strangers she met on Facebook over to the house, WSB TV reports.

The aunt’s experiment didn’t go as planned.On May 24, the very first day of online interaction, Williams gave the fictional boy her phone number and address, and asked him to come over and get drunk. She also offered to have sex with him if he’d pay her $50 phone bill, reports.

As the two conversed in the coming days, the suspect allegedly asked her Facebook friend to kidnap her and take her away from her family, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The aunt didn’t call police at first, but changed her mind when Williams suggested that “Tre” shoot and kill her family. Williams allegedly gave instructions on how to break into the aunt’s room.

Deputies with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office spoke with Williams on May 26. Authorities claim Williams apologized for the murderous messages.

Williams was arrested and remains in jail pending a $30,000 bond, WIAT TV reports.


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