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Fight alert against storm

All engineers and staff should remain alert –Sri Badrinarayan Patra, Minister RD
Bhubaneswar, 10th October, 2014 In view of the impending cyclonic storm ‘HudHud’ RD Minister Sri Badrinarayan Patra has directed all departmental engineers and staff to remain in high alert to combat the situation emerging out of cyclonic storm
‘HudHud’ . In a review meeting held today at 9 AM, in his office chamber, Minister Sri Patra has taken stock of the preparedness and efforts of the department. He has given top priority on uninterrupted drinking water supply in the possibly affected areas. Accordingly mobile water tankers, sufficient water pouches and full storage of water in overhead tanks have to kept ready at all costs. In case of power failure generators should be kept ready for adequate water supply. Similarly, he has instructed to repair the defunct tube-wells on war-footing, arrange vehicles for the Junior Engineers for their mobility and deploy engineers and staff from neighboring unaffected districts as per necessity. Minister Sri Patra has asked EIC, Rural works to keep strict vigil on damages of roads, bridges and obstructions of roads due to cyclone and flood for immediate repairing. He has also advised
to open control rooms in the office of the all Executive Engineers, Superintending Engineers of RD in the possibly affected districts including the office of the Chief Engineer.


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