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Foods that  prevents Acne

Foods that prevents Acne

7 Foods That Prevent Acne

Food is essential to maintain a healthy skin and free of acne, if you have rashes on the skin and want to prevent the appearance of grains, we show you seven foods that will help you anticipate its appearance; however, each body reacts differently, so we recommend you visit a dermatologist.

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1. Omega 3 Foods: These fatty acids contain nutrients that allow your skin to stay healthy. Omega 3 removes sebum that clogs the skin pores by helping the sebaceous glands function properly. Some examples of foods with Omega 3: salmon, tuna, chia seeds, among others.

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2. Dried fruits: Most of these foods are rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc, which prevent acne due to its functions that keep the skin healthy.

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3. Garlic: Contains allicin, a component with medicinal effects that fights inflammation of the skin eliminating the bacteria that damage it.
4. Water: Drinking two liters of water daily will help your skin stay hydrated and clean. Water allows your body to easily release some toxins; when your body lacks enough vital fluid, many toxins seek out and stay on the skin.
5. Watermelon: Moisturizes your skin and supplies lycopene, which contains anti-inflammatory properties that limit the production of fat.
6. Carrot: Rich in beta carotene, the carrot helps control the production of sebum, whose excess can trigger acne, as it clogs the pores of the skin.

7. Avocado: Its high content of Vitamin B6, C, and E moisturizes the skin and reduces inflammation. You can also make a face mask.


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