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Good Governance vis-a-vis Sr.Advocates of High Court

Good Governance vis-a-vis Sr.Advocates of High Court

Cuttack: 16.04.2015: Srinivas Mohanty: Time is now matured for introducing good governance in the country and the uncodified law in Britain could be adopted in India .Indians are more or less educated and so also conscious .All that we need requires good and pro active mind set-up and for this only the judicial system can provide the remedy provided the system is free from interference .The very concept of introducing judicial system in the country to see the country as a whole to prosper and in the event of any kind of curable mistake a solution could be supplied rising above the technicality which is being propagated under National Legal Commission of India.

Looking at the administration of the govt in Odisha,it is open secret ,our chief Minister can not work of his own as that of Modi or any other politicians in the country and he requires a committee to assist and that being so all that laws or executive instructions are drafted giving a shape of law are basically prepared our bureaucrats which symbolically being stamped by the Legislative authorities of the State ;but to provide a good law for the society and good governance ,the legal experts could be of great help and in this regard Senior Advocates of the High Court  be in touch with ;so that bad drafting and laws could be avoided .

Sr.Advocates are created under a statute by the High court on the touch stone of merit and expertise and consultation with such category of personalities upon formation of different expertise panel would be of great assistance for the good governance in the country and in the state in particular.


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