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Gurmeet life in Jail

Gurmeet life in Jail

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim is lodged in a Rohtak jail following his conviction in a rape case.(HT File Photo)

Wondering how once a powerful head of Sirsa-based Dera Sacha Sauda is spending his time in Rohtak jail following conviction in rape case.

DGP (Jails) KP Singh told HT on Tuesday that Gurmeet Ram Rahim does gardening every day besides growing vegetables, a job that falls in the category of unskilled labour.

“He is paid not more than Rs 20 a day, which is the fixed salary for doing unskilled jobs inside Haryana jails,” Singh added.

He further said that he might be good in skilled jobs but given his limited restriction inside the jail, this is the only job he is allowed at present. “There is small piece of land near his barrack, where he toils hard for four to five hours a day,” he added

No TV or newspaper

This is not the only restriction on him. He is kept away from daily dose of news both through television and newspaper.

There are barracks where there is provision for TV and accessibility of newspaper but same is not allowed to his barrack. Then he is not allowed to make any phone call from the jail due to security concerns

Not alone in barrack

Initial media reports said that he had been kept in solitary confinement, something which DGP has denied.

KP Singh said that he shares his barrack with three life convicts; the decision that has been taken keeping in view his socializing needs. “But the selection of these inmates was tough, he revealed. Their past records were checked before shifting them into his barrack. All three have already spent more than 10 years in jail here and one of them is even aged over 70 years,” said DGP. “We also made sure that those prisoners had no connection with his dera before shifting them, he added

He however refused to share the capacity of his barrack

Not allowed than 3100 calories a day

He can consume maximum of 3175 calories a day. It includes two breads and 250 gram milk in the morning as breakfast followed by tea before lunch in which he is served 7 chapatis and one seasonal vegetable. Then he is allowed evening tea before dinner. KP Singh said that menu of all jails is fixed well in advance. “The bottle gourd was cooked in Rohtak jail on Tuesday, he informed

Permission to keep Rs 5,000 e-money

Ex-custodian of dera’s Rs 1000 crore properties, he is not allowed to keep more than Rs 5,000 and that too through jail’s digital money. He can spend this money to buy anything from canteen where from fruits to other eatables are allowed on payments.

Reading Bhagwad Geeta inside jail

DGP said that Bhagwad Geeta was the only book he demanded when he came here. He reads it every now and then. When his mother came to meet him, she brought two books, probably of the dera.

He never cried inside jail; DGP

Singh said that the testimony of several jail inmates that he had screamed and cried inside the barrack was all baseless as he never did it. “He has not thrown any tantrum so far and behaving within rules and regulations of the jail manuals,” he said. He however asserted that there was inconvenience to other jail inmates for initial two-three days but things are normal there. “Gurmeet Ram Rahim too has acclimatized to the environment inside the jail, he added

Only kurta pajama for Kaidi no 8647

Recall his expensive attires which he used to don during his cult days not long ago. But he is allowed to wear Kurta Pajama, which is a typical jail uniform. Earlier reports suggest that his prisoner number was 1997. Singh on the other hand said that his number is 8647. This number is not tagged on prisoner’s cloths. “It is an old practice not followed these days, said DGP Singh.

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