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High Court Lawyers continues abstaining from court work

High Court Lawyers continues abstaining from court work

21.10.2013:Cuttack. PyariHigh Court Lawyers continues abstaining from court work till Monday next .Under the Chairmanship of Dr.Gangadhar Tripathy a meeting was held in the Hall of high Court Bar Association and discussion on the issue as to how and under what authority the Chief Minister has made a recommendation for establishment of separate high court Bench in Western Odisha only when ensuing election is on his head, was made in fiber analysis of facts.Conclusion arrived at a political gimmick being played by C.M with his immediate mentor Prasarna Acharya who is acting being a substitute of Pyari Idol.index

Discussion suggests ,lawyers in Sambalpur have taken law into their own hands and spreading a horror thrill in the western odisha only for their own personal interest; most of conscious persons in Sambalpur are opposed to the action.

Demand of Koasal state has already been shaped to succeed the issue but the politicians for politics forgets the interest of the state .No sooner High Court division succeeds than the silent KOSAL issue will raise its head and most threat to Naveen’s seat of C.M may likely to pass on to Prasarna Acharya, now the Chanakya being the successor of Pyariraj .

Odisha is a very small state visited with poverty. Fragmentation of the such state is designed through a claim to divide  high court in to pieces which for larger interest of the state be protected rising beyond personal and party differences,persons of eminence suggests .

Instances are there the lawyers in Sambalpur do not allow any of the lawyers from Cuttack or Bhubaneswar to present any case in Sambalpur whereas more than 60% lawyers in high court are from western Odisha. In all counts ,if examined the representation of judges from western Odisha is quite high in number and most of the judges after their retirement have settled down in Cuttack hijacking plots from CDA authorities on discretionary quota.People from Western Odisha now dominate Odisha   having political eyes on Prasarna Acharya to replace Naveen Patnaik as Chief Minister of Odisha who is now treated another Pyary Baboo concealed himself under the carpet . Let’s see how the seat of Naveen Patnaik remains safe from the serpents living around.Among the leaders in BJD,Prasarna Acharya as discussed by the public ,be the appropriate replacing personality of Naveen in the race of being the Chief Minister of the state which otherwise sincerely thought for opening path for Division of High court and so also follow -up for Kosala .

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