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Hindu  Womanhood

Hindu Womanhood

  • Sheila Dixit,Chief Minister ,New Delhi.14 May 2011 .

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C.m.DelhiC.m.DelhiC.m.DelhiSheila Dixit,Chief Minister made an efforts to define womanhood: “Hindu  Womanhood   is an honest attempt to manifest the true characteristics of Indian women.An explanatory compilation of the biographies will definitely take the readers to the past which has been glorious as well as chequered. While.While reviewing the book one easily revisits the ancient and early eras which offer valuable insight into the unflinching qualities of women who had always been found to be most sharing and caring beings of the society of their times.The books gives a glimpse of women with virtues of statesmanship ,valor,affection,teaching ,dignity ,humbleness,commitment,patriotism,sacrifice, courage, bhakti ,devotion, simplicity,tapasya,sincerity, fidelity, samskara,grit and austerity , as the author mentions.

Sadhu Mukuncharandas has sincerely ventured to epitomize the feelings in the kind hearts and stable minds of Hindu  women in the form of a well worded  and well documented book. The descriptions of the ancient stories and real incidents  are bound to bring an impressive improvement in our present perception about women.The book substantiates the very fact that Indian women were not forced to take on any struggle to achieve an equal status .Moreover,the books provides details of women’s empowerment activites being undertaken by the fifth spiritual successor,His Holiness  Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj ji.

The book is in six parts and carries 47 stories of those Hindu women of different areas who were taken in high esteem by one and all during those particular times and even in present times .The role and contributions of women , be it as ruler ,teacher, mother, saint, devotee, wife ,daughter, sister was difficult to be assessed, evaluated and penned down.The writer has successfully completed the herculean task to project Indian women as the greatest personalities  and to reveal their virtues to dispel a number of apprehensions about their being superstitious, conservative, veiled  and self centered.

The stories of Lakshmibai, Ahalyabai, chennamma, Jijabai, sita, shabri, savitri, Lalba, Padmini, Meerabai, Madalsa, and other eminent devotees are not new to readers.The presentation and description in simple sober form is going to help in imbibing the values in the minds of the younger generations.The incidents mentioned in the biographic are true and believable and leave an everlasting impression on readers. The teachings have significant value beyond religious limitations, hence universal and worth emulating .

Capturing the varied capabilities of women across a spectrum of activities, the author has taken great pains to project the true character , quality and achievements of womanhood .These qualities of womanhood have sustained and nurtured India’s civilization and will continue to do so.

             Hindu Womanhood  is an invaluable treasure of the stories of the bhakti and shakti of women .It is going to find a respectable place in the collection of book lovers,”


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