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Hindus invoking Laxmi on thursday in Odisha

Hindus invoking Laxmi on thursday in Odisha

Cuttack:28.11.2013:Thursday:Nayana Mohanty (O.B):Hindus invoking Laxmi on Thursday in Odisha.

After the month of Kartik,Hindus in Odisha,in particular, travel to the month of   Margasir   ( September to November).  Thursday is the day which is being observed as the auspicious day for worshiping goddess Laxmi and invoking the Devi for wealth .goddess Laxmi symbolizes as to how untouchability or rigidity of caste system has no role to play to acquire wealth and prosperity .Human being has come to be a being with Atma and that knows no caste ,no creed ,no religion . Hence ,the mythology of Hindus has always been preaching against the subjective principles of caste theory and believes in human race as a whole  and Laxmi as believed is the wife of Lord Jagannath but she went against her husband and made him a pauper only when Lord Jagannath biased by his brother Balabhadra has segregated a tribal women from the mainstream of the society and she went with tribal women until repentance came to the duo.

Thursday in Margasir in Odisha is observed as the day of Goddesses Laxmi and invoke her ,the Hindu women carve out foot steps out of rice paste leading to houses believing thereby that Goddess Laxmi loves sanctity and cleanses, not higher caste,so secularism is the concept embodied in such offering of puja to goddess laxmi.


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