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How long the scene of appeasement of judge will continue?

How long the scene of appeasement of judge will continue?

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srinivas 2Cuttack 1st Dec.2013: Srinivas Mohanty(Editor): How long the scene of appeasement of judge will continue? Coterie in Orissa High Court remains active for appeasement of Judges

Lawyers’Academy now all set and done emerges by group of lawyers in Cuttack  which many lawyers comment being a pseudo concept of education for the lawyers ; funny in understanding and funny to know about the kind of tactical exercise to appease judges with the outsourcing collection, public comment.  

Public appearance of judges is provided for Lok Adalata as that of Lord Jagannath gives his lordship’s Darnasan/public appearance during Rath Yatra.

 once Justice B.L.Hansaria said that as far as practicable public appearance of the judges ought to be limited to protect the holistic nature of the unbiased nature of the institution;  but now- a- days like political master attending all kind of meeting without examining the purpose and genuineness ,judges are in Odisha appearing to have invariably been attending public meetings  .

The ongoing tendency in some of the bar members in Orissa High Court aims at holding some kind of gathering to invite judges for personal close interaction which thus promotes a kind of appeasement ;and on the other like political persons ,it is also invariably seen judges coming to attend the function regardless their need for participation without knowing the background and sustainability of the function . Years back a Bohidar Memorial Function was also organised inviting Late Justice B.L.Hansaria ,but after that meeting ,if correctly remembered, no other function by Mr.Shayamanada Mohapatra is ever held with the same vision .However Mr.Mohapatra has thrown another proposal of Lawyers Academy  adopting a tactical representation of members from different organisational ability protecting his image in tact after his defeat to convince the media on High court benches on   Western Odisha issue , lawyers comment.Girija Sanakar

Of course organizing such type function by inviting judges either from Supreme court or from our high court provides immense self publicity that matters a lot for the self and for the bar as a whole ;but it is not understood, how the judges afford to come forward to public meeting very frequently leaving the busy schedule of judicial activities unlike early days.As a matter of practice, for the public appearance Lok Adaltas are adopted being the mission providing scope for judges to appear in public as that of Lord Jagannath appearing in Rath Yatra but frequent visit of judges like constituency visiting raises a question for all intellectuals and so also Sr. and veteran Advocate of supreme court for which the spokesman of BJP Arun Jaitely has goven his comments in Saheed Bhawan naming the frequent visit of judges to the state  being a visit by Constituency Judges .

Lobbying for picking up advocates for the judgeship of high court has been in vogue as a result of which favoritism has its big role to play with.Advocate with quality  are the need of this temple of justice,  not through appeasement and to protect the judiciary from public comments ,intellectuals in the state opine ,at least the judges to develop self restraint from frequent visits to the state particularly to high court invariably in any function regardless their need ,is  yet a question to be answered .Rath yatra

In the name of judges,funding flow is quite mark-able ,but for phailin no craze ,what’s the magic plays for the purpose , many advocates in anxiety question.Let this High court be protected from the coterie and be flavored with best talents from the bar not from the source of  favorites of some the  judges’ stock unlike past.

For the limited few,selection of proper candidature ,sources said ,get foiled under greedy planning of some judges in the higher hierarchy which now hence be taken care of and formation of coterie be nipped at its very bud.

Sources said,as to whether the members named against all committees and sub-committees formed by Mr. Shyamanada Mohaptra have verified the aim and objectives of the Lawyers’ Academy and what is the source of funds and what is the fund available as the book of account and as to whether infrastructure is available for accommodation of such a holistic name like Lawyers Academy???

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