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Bhubaneswar, 27.11.13:Prabhu Mohanty(O.B): The Scheme Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP) was introduced in the Seventh Five Year Plan for promotion of various economic activities through cooperatives in the sphere of agriculture and allied sectors like Fishery, Poultry, Dairy, Handloom and Rural Industries etc. in selected Districts like Malkangiri, Koraput, Anugul  & Dhenkanal. This scheme has an integrated area based approach taking into account the local needs and resources. The Scheme aims at development of cooperatives in agriculture and allied sectors, transforming cooperative as multi-purpose entities and promoting horizontal & vertical functional linkages so as to enable the cooperatives to cater to the overall needs of rural community. The scheme is funded by the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC).

The NCDC-assisted ICDP Scheme, presently, has a funding pattern for cooperatively under developed states like Orissa where 20% subsidy is available for creation of infrastructural facilities and also for margin money assistance for business development programme under the restructured central sector scheme. As per NCDC norms, the State Govt. is to provide 50% as loan, 20% as subsidy and balance 30% as share capital totalling to 100% to the PIA towards various activities at the level of the cooperative societies.

ICDP Malkangiri & ICDP Koraput were sanctioned during 2001-02 with an outlay of Rs.909.25 lakhs but due to certain problems particularly relating to the interest rate, funds for the project could not be provided initially.   The State Govt. have so far provided financial assistance to PIA i.e. Koraput CCB Ltd.  an amount of Rs. 736.12 lakhs for implementation of 1st,   2nd and 3rd year Action Plan. During the year 2010-11, an amount of Rs.145.00 lakhs was provided in the budget for implementation of 4th and 5th year Action Plan.

The Action Plans for the project were formulated with a view to strengthening the existing infrastructure of the 20 LAMPS of Koraput district and 8 LAMPS of Malkangiri district and creation of new infrastructure for facilitating their activities for dispensation of farms credit, supply of inputs like fertiliser, seeds and pesticides and marketing activities like paddy procurement. This would go a long way in serving the credit and agricultural marketing needs for the poor tribal farmers of these two districts.

As provided in the Action Plan, construction of 39 godowns; repair of 33 existing godowns; construction of 34 office & mini bank buildings; 23 mini bank counters; supply of 23 Nos. of Iron safe; construction of 5 agri-shopping complexes and provision of 15 Nos. of physical and functional infrastructure for paddy procurement in addition to construction of office building for the project at Jeypore have been accomplished.

ICDP Angul and Dhenkanal were sanctioned by NCDC in 2004-05. Subsequently it was sanctioned in 2008-09 as adequate budget provision could not be made. However Cooperation Deprtment recommended NCDC  for resanction of the project. NCDC has sanctioned the project for ICDP Angul and Dhenkanal which envisaged project cost of Rs.12.61 crores and Rs.13.32 crores respectively. The project would be completed in four years and would strengthen and augment infrastructure of PACS and other primary, central co-op societies.

Financial assistance comprising share capital of Rs.112 lakhs, subsidy of Rs.78 lakhs and loan of RS.11 lakhs has been sanctioned during the financial year 2011-12 out of the 1st year’s outlay for implementation of the Project. A further amount of RS.6,02,34,500/- has been sanctioned in 2012-13 from the State Budget for implementation of the Project.


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