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ISRO explosion

ISRO explosion

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Mysterious explosion reported at ISRO: A mysterious explosion has been reported last evening at the propulsion complex of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) which is located in Tamil Nadu’s Mahendragiri. When the locals noticed smoke emerging out from the facility of Mahendragiri, the space agency has been alerted. However ISRO reported that the smoke has nothing to do with any explosion. AS Kiran Kumar, the public relations officer at ISRO Mahendragiri revealed the incident took place outside the agency building and things have been brought to control.

There has been no damage to life and property confirmed Kiran Kumar. He even revealed that the reasons for the explosion have been unknown and an investigation is on. The ISRO Propulsion Complex is located near Kanyakumari at Mahendragiri HillsTirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu. ISRO is expected to issue an official statement soon.


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