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Japanese Encephalitis in Malkangiri

The age-old Govt. negligence, indifferent attitude and callousness of inept and corrupt bureaucracy has resulted in large-scale child death in Malkangiri which is still continuing.  The information obtained   under RTI in 2012 that from 2007-08 to 2011-12, around 7000 children have died. In an average, every year, around 1500 children died as per Govt. report. But many cases are not reported and ignored by Govt. to lower down the figure.

In 2012, due to spread of this dreaded disease  named as Japanese Encephalitis in Malkangiri, total no. of 38 children died in 14 villages of the district  within the period of September to 5th December 2012.  A fact-finding Team of Right to Food Campaign, Odisha had visited the spot and made a lot of study  about the reasons of death of the children.  Though spread of the disease JE is one of the factors,  major reason of child death is malnutrition and hunger among the  children.  It is due to large scale failure of food security programme like MDM, ICDS, PDS etc.   large scale  corruption and misappropriation of fund meant for children,  mal-administration,  complete apathetic attitude to address  the problem of the people by administration which  was noticed  during  our  visit. The Cause of death of the children  which  was revealed  during our visit are many like Epilepsy, ATI, LBW, Diarrhea, Ashthma, Fits, Burning, UND, Septicemia, Birth Asphyxia, Fever related ailments and Boll cancer etc.  Due to  malnutrition  and chronic hunger,  the children lost their immune capacity and succumbed to death.   We  have presented the report to State Govt. with a lot of recommendations to Govt.  to address the problem which has not yet been done by  corrupt and callous state administration


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