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Judge of Madras High Court involved in sexual assault on the law intern

Judge of Madras High Court involved in sexual assault on the law intern

Justice CS Karnan, Judge Madras High Court has made his explicit expression of displeasure against the settled position of law followed in the judicial propriety of the Chief Justice of  Madras High Court and he has now come out with another allegation of sexual assault by a judge on the law intern and probe thereto is insisted upon.

As reported in the New Indian Express, Justice CS Karnan wrote to the Chief Justice of the High Court on May 12, and the letter stated, ““I have preferred several representations to your Lordship regarding the conduction of enquiry on the custodial rape committed by Mr Justice XXXXXX (name withheld) on the law intern Miss XXXXX (name withheld) at the Madras High Court.”

Justice Karnan is no stranger to controversies, having alleged that a High Court judge had used a fraudulent certificate to obtain judgeship in the High Court. It has also been reported that Justice Karnan wrote to the Chief Justice and relied on the reports published in the media that he was about to be transferred due to various allegations against him. To this, Justice Karnan promised “earnest and maximum cooperation” in an open inquiry, and asked for the same. He added, “After the suggested inquiry, if any incrimination is on my part, I will surely be prepared to shift out to any place in India at Your Lordship’s choice.”

Reportedly, Justice Karnan has also lodged a complaint with the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Tribes against the Chief Justice of the High Court.

Reportedly, Justice Karnan in May this year, ordered a stay on the process of recruitment of civil judges and questioned the inclusion of a brother judge in the interview committee. In addition, Justice Karnan also threatened to file contempt charges against the Chief Justice of the Madaras High Court.

After the Supreme Court restrained him from interfering in the judges selection process, Justice Karnan directed the CBI to conduct and inquiry into educational qualifications of a judge. He also ordered the High Court Registry to release an amount of Rs. 5 lacs to defend himself before Supreme Court.

Justice Karnan had also delivered a judgment in which he had said that couples who indulge in pre-marital sex will be considered as husband and wife. In 2011, Justice Karnan became the first judge to approach the National Commission for SC/ST alleging that he was abused by fellow judges as he was a dalit.


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