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Lady Sub Inspector groped by ACP

Lady Sub Inspector groped by ACP

Coimbatore: In a shocking, shameful incident, a senior Tamil Nadu police officer was caught on camera while allegedly groping a sub-ordinate lady inspector in broad daylight in Coimbatore.

The incident took place while the cops were trying to clear out the protesters who were demanding justice to NEET petitioner Anitha, who had committed suicide.

On September 4, the victim cop was repeatedly groped and molested by the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), as the video of the incident, now viral on social media, suggests.


Video source: The News Minute

She tried to protect herself from the ACP but the accused police officer did not stop.


The accused ACP in his defence, as reported by The News Minute, said, “There was a protest happening and I had to control the situation. I had no other intentions or motive. I had to intervene to ensure the task was completed.”

The Coimbatore police has launched an internal investigation into the case.

However, so far no departmental action has been taken against the accused ACP.

17-year-old Anitha had committed suicide at her house by hanging herself after she failed to get the admission in medical college due to her low NEET score.

After her death, there were protests across the state demanding justice to her.

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