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Man from Mars Women from Venus

Man from Mars Women from Venus

Man from Mars Women from Venus 

This world consists of two elements in the main ,Man & women being indispensable; and to keep such elements of its  creation ,lot many comfort zones prescribed and the progeny is the product to advance with the time to come and that’s passing through. Rishi of modernity are the Bhandas to earn moneys but the Rishi of the age assisting the creation of the world to beautify had had the ability and pleasure of sacrifice amidships  of all richness of comforts

Scripted story follows:  Imagine that men are from Mars and women, from Venus. One day, long ago, the Martians, looking through their telescopes, discovered the Venusians. Just glimpsing the Venusians awakened feeling they had never know. They fell in love and quickly invented space travel and flew to Venus.
The Venusians welcomed the Martians with open arms. They had intuitively known that this day would come. Their hearts opened wide to a love they had never felt before. Then they decided to fly to Earth. In the beginning everything was wonderful and beautiful. But the effects of Earth’s atmosphere took hold, and one morning everyone woke up with a peculiar kind of amnesia- selective amnesia!
Both the Martians and Venusians forgot that they were from different planets and were supposed to be different. In one morning everything they had learned about their different. In one morning everything they had learned about their differences was erased from their memory. And since that day men and women have been in conflict. Without the awareness that we are supposed to be different, men and women are at odds with each other. We usually become angry or frustrated with the opposite sex because we have forgotten this important truth. We expect the opposite sex to be more like ourselves. We desire them to ‘’ want what we want ‘’ feel the way we feel.’ We mistakenly assume that if our partners love us they will react and behave in certain ways-the ways we react and behave when we love someone. This attitude sets us up to be disappointed again and again and prevent us from taking the necessary time to communicate lovingly about our differences.   Men mistakenly expect women to think, communicate, and react the way men do; women mistakenly expect men to feel, communicate, and respond the way women do. We have forgotten that men and women are supposed to be different. As a result our relationships are filled with unnecessary friction and conflict. Clearly recognizing and respecting these differences dramatically reduce confusion when dealing with the opposite sex. When you remember that men are from Mars and women are from venus, everything can be explained. Throughout this book I will discuss in great detail or differences. Each chapter will bring you new and crucial insights. Here are the major difference that we will explore: In chapter 2 we will explore how men’s values are inherently different and try to understand the two biggest mistakes we make in relating to the opposite sex: men mistakenly offer solutions and invalidate feelings while women offer unsolicited advice and direction . Through understanding our Martian / Venusian  back ground it becomes obvious why men and women unknowingly make these mistakes. By remembering these differences we can correct our mistakes and immediately respond to each other in more productive ways. In chapter 3 we’ll discover the different ways men and women cope with stress. While Martians tend to pull away and silently think about what’s bothering them , Venusians feel an instinctive need to talk about what’s bothering them. You will learn new strategies for getting what you want at these conflicting times. We will explore how to motivate the opposite sex in chapter 4. Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished . We will discuss the thress steps for improving relationships and explore how to overcome our greatest challenges: men need to overcome their resistance to giving love while women must overcome their resistance to receiving it. In chapter 5 you’ll learn how men and women commonly misunderstand each other because they speak different languages. A Martian/Venusian phrase  Dictionary is provided to translate commonly misunderstood expressions. You will learn how men and women speak and even stop speaking for entirely different and men will learn how to listen better without becoming frustrated.

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