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Naveen Patnaik  Throws Mild Criticism at expelled leader Damodar Rout

Naveen Patnaik Throws Mild Criticism at expelled leader Damodar Rout

Dama sacked from BJD

Lalit Mishra

Naveen Patnaik Takes  Mild View on Dama, While responding to the mediamen ,after returning from New Delhi, the BJD Supremo & Odisha CM, Naveen Patnaik said,” Dama Babu always makes irresponsible statements. His allegations are fruitless and ridiculous.” This is in response to Dama’s statement that he was suspended from Party instead of his corruption allegations being investigated into.

Yesterday evening, BJD MLA , Dr Damodar Rout was suspended from the Party  for indulging in anti-party activities.

Dr. Rout came to  Janata Dal during Bijubabu’s period. He was minister when Biju babu was CM during 1990-95. At that time one tribal PRI leader ,Basanti Bara, had levelled molestation charges against him. But he was not very close to Biju babu though he claims it to be so. Srikanta Jena- Bijaya Mohapatra-Nalini Mohanty-Ashok Das – Dilip Ray were closer to Bijubabu during his life.

When BJD was formed in late 1997, Damababu did not join the party in the first batch but had riduculed the BJD’s symbol “Counch” as” snail”. Finding the BJD-BJP alliance sweeping Lok Sabha Polls in 1998&1999, he joined the BJD and fought the first Assembly Poll in 2000 when Naveen Patnaik  became the CM of Odisha for the first time. Naveen had given him ticket and he has won last  four consecutive Assembly elections and had enjoyed ministerial berths.

Due to high power aspiration, he was always wanting topmost posts in power coorridor and used to react if that facility was not available.

He felt suffocated when late Pyari Mohapatra’s power grew in Party. After Pyari Mohapatra’s ouster from the BJD, he was happy and benefited

After 2014 election, he was reacting to the  growth in power of the young MLAs in Party . After Naveen Patnaik reshuffled the ministry in 2017 and replaced the young ministers by   the old, Dr Rout should have felt happy. But it was not the case. He was not happy with his portfolio. Even he expressed his desire to get the Revenue Ministry.

He was seen giving statements against the state goverments and the party from time to time . This was his pressure tactic on Naveen to get prominent Ministry. But Naveen was unaffected by this tactics. He had some softcorner for Dr. Rout though Dr. Rout has not contributed significantly to growth of revenue or organisation network of the Party.

His anti-Brahmin remark before Party’s  executive meet at Puri in Dec 2017, cost him his Ministry and VP post in Party.

Recently he created inconveince in govt by rasing corruption in horticulture and animal-husbandry depts. He also criticised opposition for not doing their work in rasing the corruption issues

Anticipating dismissal from the Party,he gave a statement praising Naveen Patnaik yesterday noon but it did not work.

Naveen had already lost his patience ,tolerating Rout for more than 5 years.

Rout’s future course of action is not clear yet.His son is a Secretary in the BJD Executice council and his daughter is a Councilor in the BMC.

The opposition however want investigation into the allegations raised by Dr. Rout.

Though some civil society orgs view Rout as anti-corruption crusader, but the common man is not convinced as Rout could have raised corruption issues when he was enjoying Ministry and should have exposed the govt. The common man view the melo-drama as BJD’s internal power-tussle.

The man who went to Dr Rout’s house and supported him was ex-BJD MP Baijayanta Panda who was left BJD few months ago. Panda may find Rout as a weapon to be used against Naveen through his TV channel O-Tv.

Political analysts think that both Panda and Rout might join BJP or Congress or float a new party if supported by the BJP. But BJP may be interested to take them into Party instead of wasting money in a new Party.

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