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Nepotism not a place found in Bollywood but talent

Nepotism not a place found in Bollywood but talent

 Nepotism not a place found in Bollywood but talent
While admitting that nepotism gave him an easy entry into Bollywood, industry’s serial kisser Emraan Hashmi, however, said one has to work hard to nurture one’s talent and survive in the show business.Talking to UNI, Emraan, who will be soon seen in an upcoming Indian period heist action thriller ‘Baadshaho‘, accepted that he was a product of nepotism and would not have got break into the industry without any prior relations.Emraan, who was in the national capital to promote his upcoming emergency drama, along with Ajay DevgnEsha Gupta and Ileana D’Cruz said, “Nepotism definitely does exist. I am a product of it and I wouldn’t have got a break in the industry, if I was not related to someone in the industry. “However, the audience doesn’t think that he/she is the star kid, so we will watch the movie. It just works for the star, but we have to work hard. We are told ‘you will be secured an entry, but if the audience doesn’t like you, then we can’t help.’ So, I have to nurture my talent on my own and work hard.”Asked whether Ayaan, Emraan’s son will get the benefit if he joins the industry, the ‘Murder’ actor said, “Your offspring, the next of kin is always seen as an extension of you, which shouldn’t be the case. I have seen many star kids, who are moulded according to how their father works. And so, if my son will go in that direction, I will tell him not to become an actor.”Emraan, who is always thankful to his uncle Mahesh Bhatt for his entry into the Bollywood said, “People like Esha Gupta, who don’t have an industry connection, have made it without any film family. ”I would say people from our fraternity who have benefit, applaud people like them but at the same time, there are lot of people who are waiting. There are people like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan or Priyanka Chopra who are not having any relations in the industry, but have worked hard and got successful.”The actor said the word nepotism was overrated. “I think nepotism has become the word of the year. Last year, there was intolerance. Only the elite clan of people have the luxury of discussing nepotism and 97 per cent population of our country probably doesn’t know the meaning of nepotism. I think with hard work and persistence, you will be successful,” he said. Talking about his character ‘Dalia’ in Baadshaho, the 38-year-old actor said, “Dalia is quirky, mad, fun. He is probably the quirkiest character that I have played. He is brought into the film because he thinks like a thief. He is very crooked and a skirt chaser, who loves guns and action. He is also a borderline paranoid.”Emraan said his character has got different shades but for the audience, it will evolve in the movie.”In one part, you will see one side of Dalia but later it will evolve your perceptions about what character Dalia is. He is street smart, who keeps chasing Esha, a royal girl. So, the chemistry between us (Emraan and Esha) is very complicated and there is a kind of constant tension between them,” he said.Asked if he is comfortable doing multi-starrer movie, he said, “I have to be comfortable. If I wouldn’t have been comfortable, I wouldn’t have done it. Well I guess every star has concern when he/she does multi-starrer film. I think 95 per cent films I have done are solo and when you come into the space with six actors, you give more time and energy to the film, so you get noticed and shine.”Telling about how he transformed himself into the emergency era as was needed in the movie, Emraan said, “I didn’t not face any difficulty as such to get into the skin of the character. I think the entire team was fantastic. They had all the research done. So for me, it was just getting into the costumes and be true to the Rajasthani and Haryanvi accent and that was the only tough part.”On asking whether he will continue ‘Murder’ and ‘Raaz’ franchises, Emraan said, “I don’t think I will do another ‘Murder’ or ‘Raaz’. For me, its very important to do films that reflect the kind of person I am today.”Talking about his views of women-centric movies that have recently become the ‘in’ thing in Bollywood, the “Jannat” actor said, “I was among the few, who backed such kind of movies. ”I think its great because it is time that women are asserting themselves and ruling the box office, even in Hollywood, with movies like ‘Wonderwoman’ . And there is a huge female fan base, who want to see such movies. Even men love those flicks. So why not, if there is economics and a good script, I would definitely add my name to it.” Telling about the update on his own production house, Emraan said, “my next project is my home production Captain Nawab.”Directed by Milan Luthria, Baadshaho is set against the backdrop of Emergency (1975-1977). It narrates a fictional story of six people, who try to bring a change in their destiny by pulling off a heist.The movie is slated to release on September 1.UNI PY/AR SNU 1138– (UNI) — C-1-1-DL0298-1033828.Xml


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