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New Induction of talents in Infosys

26.10.2013:New Induction of talents in InfosysInfosys management has taken a kind of reorgainising its administrative mechanism by inducting new talents  to its mainstream .  It has appointed one  Haragopal Mangipudi as Finacle Head, Dheeshjith VG as Growth Market’s Head and 8 other top executives to its Executive Council.

The Executive Council (EC) includes the executive board, heads of key business units and strategic business enabler units. In view of the new faces being taken in to its Executive Council, each of them remain  entitled to an Executive Council allowance of USD 150,000 per annum pro-rata for the period as member, sources said.

Paternoster: Infosys Public Services CEO and President, an Infosys subsidiary focusing on healthcare and public sector in the US and Canada, while, Gopalakrishnan holds the post as  Sr Vice President, Information Systems at Infosys.

Thakkar works as the CEO and Managing Director of Infosys BPO, whereas, Korhonen, as Sr Vice President and Country Head for Australia and New Zealand.

Tandon is Sr Vice President, Life Sciences at the Bangalore-based firm and Muralikrishna K is the Sr Vice President, Computers and Communications Division at Infosys.

While, Ravi Kumar S is Sr Vice President,  Insurance at Infosys, Hafner is CEO of Infosys Lodestone and Jalona is Senior Vice President, Manufacturing.

Goparaju holds the post as Sr Vice President at Infosys Labs , sources said.


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