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Odisha Preparedness against Disaster Challenge

 Odisha Preparedness against Disaster Challenge

Bhubaneswar, 29th April :OBB:Odisha Preparedness against Disaster Challenge. ‘Phailine’- 2013 has become a guiding stick to save the state from any kind of natural disaster and to provide minimum necessities in restoration of electric power ,Chief Secretary emphasised during a workshop held for the purpose.

Accomplishing emergent restoration within least possible record time, Govt. is now on its heels  to document the lessons learnt from these exercises with a view to devise more proactive effective mechanism against any such disaster challenge in future.  A two day state level workshop to this effect has been inaugurated by Chief Secretary Sri Jugal Kishore Mohapatra here today. The workshop aims at deliberating and documenting lessons learnt from post cyclone power restoration work & challenges ahead.  In his inaugural address, Sri Mohapatra said that we must make an analysis of what we did and what we could not do. We should review and scrutinize the extent of our preparedness and ability to respond from 1999 super cyclone to 2013 Phailine, and, accordingly prepare future plan for disaster management in power sector. This time the Team Work has overcome  the hurdles and odds at the field level in relief and restoration operations, added Chief Secretary Sri Mohapatra. Relying to media query Sri Mohapatra said that outcomes of this workshop will be taken up for preparation of cyclone resilient power supply system.

Outlining the objectives of the workshop, Principal Secretary Sri Pradeep Kumar Jena said that the system has to be built in for any future disasters of grater dimension taking learning from present.   Proper introspection and capacity assessment will show us the way to master more resources and technology in future.  We have to prepare an emergency procurement plan, Standard Operation Procedure ( SOP) and create more skilled manpower for more quick and effective response in future. While talking to media after the inaugural session, Sri Jena said that there is no shortage of power availability during this summer. Because of better water management during the last monsoon, there is sufficient water reserve in reservoirs for generation of hydro power also. The daily requirement of power at present varies from 3200 MW to 3800 MW against which the department is now able to provide 4200 MW. If necessity be, more power will also be procured from thermal sector.

Sri Hemant Sharma CMD OPTCL and GRIDCO presented the welcome address and pointed out 5 broad queries before the experts and engineers for deliberation in seminar. The queries related to was there any weakness in the design and quality of transmission and distribution infrastructure, was the disaster preparedness adequate and is the power eco-system involving technology, finance, process & people adequate and what needs to be done.  Mr. Murugesan, Director General, Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, addressed the inaugural session as the guest of honour.

The two day workshop organized under joint auspices of OPTCL, GRIDCO and distribution companies is scheduled to be held in 6 sessions including the inaugural session. Different sessions will deliberate on the themes like Overview of disaster management in Odisha power sector, Lessons learned in failure of transmission infrastructure and configuration disaster risk to build disaster resilient system, Disaster preparedness, Lessons learned and way forward.  The dignitaries like Dr Taradatt, Additional Chief Secretary Revenue & Disaster Management,  Sri U.N. Behera Additional Chief Secretary Finance,  Dr. Kamal Lochan Mishra, OSDMA, Dr.P.G.Dhar Fellow TERI, Mr. V.Ramkrishna, ex-Member Central Electricity Authority,  Dr. Ananda Kumar Professor, National Institute of Disaster Management, Mr.S.C Sahu Director Indian Metrological Department  along with technical experts, engineers and filed functionaries have participated in the workshop.

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