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Registrar of Coop Societies

The Registrar of Coop Societies who is the regulatory body for cooperatives in Odisha behaves like a reconciliatory council. As per provisions of sec 28 (1) a (viii) and sec 33 A of OCS Act, prior approval of RCS is mandatory for revision of scale of pay and allowances of  personnel of any Cooperative including Odisha State Coop Bank. Tushar Panda the present MD of OSCB who is on an illegal second extension had cunningly adopted an Board resolution to revise scale of pay and allowances of OSCB staff without prior approval of RCS (O). He had implemented the Board resolution and disbursed arrears salary without getting due permission causing the Bank to spend an additional amount of  six crores.


As per the provisions such unauthorised expenditure has to be recovered from the erring officials meaning the Directors and the MD. But instead the RCS  has dissented the resolution and advised OSCB to refrain from implementing the same till the financial health of Bank improves.

Instead of seeking approval of RCS, MD OSCB had submitted the Board resolution to RCS for perusal as a member of the Managing Committee of OSCB. The RCS has not objected to such audacity of the MD. The RCS is also sitting over the extension of Tushar Panda from 58 to 60  along with dozens of other staff writing reminders where an additional 100 was incurred by OSCB.


We question why the Government is maintaining such lame duck RCS. It also provokes to doubt the purpose of the Government who is protecting a bunch of scams in OSCB.


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