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Restrictions on govt Servants to be engaged in trade ,business etc

Restrictions on govt Servants to be engaged in trade ,business etc

No. 2497-261-2R/1-6-60/Gen.



The 1st March, 1961


Shri Bhupinder Singh, I. A. S.,

Deputy Secretary to Government.


All Collectros/S.D.O.s/B.D.O.s.


I am directed to invite your attention to the Executive instructions under the Standardised Agency System, wherein it has been laid down that Collectors, B.D.Os. and S.D.Os. can appoint Agents under the Small Savings Schemes. Rule 17 of the Orissa Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1959 prescribes that no Government servant shall, except with the previous sanction of Government, engage directly or indirectly in any trade or business or undertake any employment. Accordingly whenever Government Servants are asked to undertake work which does not come within the purview of any of the categories mentioned in the proviso to Rule 17 of the Orissa Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1959, separate Government permission is being given allowing the Government servants to undertake such work. The appointing authorities under the Standardised Agency System are, therefore, requested to see that steps are taken sufficiently early, before the appointment of Government Servants as Agents under the Standardised Agency System to move Government for necessary permission and so adjust the timing that along with the appointment order, Government permission allowing the Government servant to do the work of Small-Savings is also sent to him. This would mean that as soon as proposals for appointment are received suggesting appointment of Government servants as Agents, the concerned authority should approach the Government through proper channel, stating the name of the Government servant, the post held by him, a statement of fact that the Government servant can undertake the work without any detrimental effect on his normal functions and ensure that Government permission is taken, before the appointment order is issued. The appointing authority should also ensure that the letter of appointment should invariably be accompanied by a letter indicating that the permission of Government has already been taken allowing the particular Government servant to act in that capacity.

Yours faithfully,


Deputy Secretary to Government

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