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Roma Dasmohapatra symbolic trait

Roma Dasmohapatra symbolic trait

roma2Bhubaneswar:richest indian Sumitra Mohanty: Roma Dasmohapatra a symbolic trait. Woman empowerment round romathe clock on its heels to move forward and no rest in fact.women powered by the nature itself but the men dominated clout in the clourble exercise of manly attitude have the attempt to the women in the domestic net and all those dharma the women to observe and husband colored as God and in some sections of the society worshiped;but standing against all odds Roma remains powered in all sorts of life may it be traditional dance or portraying qualities of nature. Roma is nothing but a lady with composite qualities,she is known to  800-year-old Devadasi dance and so also Odishi .she at times drives Auto rickshaw ,participates in exhibits expertise sou moto in Ranhangiri in Bhubaneswar .Matchless personality and a lady with value-added qualities quite rare in such modernity.


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