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Scam India,demonic thought disappears let’s join for Skilled India :PM

Scam India,demonic thought disappears let’s join for Skilled India :PM

Let’s join for Skilled India

New Delhi: In the maiden speech addressing the Parliament which is considered to be lek got la (an important meeting of the leaders in the important House),Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to impress upon everybody present with his key thought to make India progressive by changing the image of the country of India  from “Scam India” to Skilled India.” It’s an objective vision qualified with the sense of  leit motif meaning thereby for progressiveness and in fact lek ker .

Morning shows the day, the Prime minister now stands as man different inside . in the election meeting ,might have been aggressively attacked the opponents ,but as Prime Minister he belongs to each individual of this Indian Republic and sacrosanct is the office of PM meant for all not for a particular party alone .Personality of the PM is the first of this kind in Indian politics emerged where opponents have the same space as that of his party people and more over his cabinet colleagues ,too.This is what the democracy we understand and the republican government is construed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made himself opened to each common man of the country through different media and in particular  invited constructive criticism from the opponents and from different quarters of intelligentsia and promised to include their suggestions in the core aspect of the governance.He stands by his commitment to bring development in the country and that is what his message for the people at large stands . 

Replying to the debate on the President’s address to a joint session on his government’s agenda, his first speech in Parliament, the new PM spelled out his priorities, chief among them fighting poverty and empowering villages, with an emphasis on education.

The President, Mr Modi recalled, had used the word “Rurban – where the facilities are urban but the core is rural.” 

The PM reached out to minorities, stressing that every part of society had to be strengthened for the country to be strong. “When I was young , a Muslim man repaired cycles, three generations his family does the same. Why is that? We need to work for all parts of society. If one part of society is weak, society as a whole can never be strong,” he said.

He welcomed the assertion of a speaker from Tamil Nadu who said that his state’s model was better than the “Gujarat Model of development” that Mr Modi has pitched in his candidacy for PM. States, he said, must engage in healthy competition in the race for development.

He emphasised skill development in a population of 65% young people. “Our neighbour China is growing old, we are growing young. Its a big advantage for us,” Mr Modi said. 

The entire world, the PM said, needs a work force and again made his oft-repeated wish: “Can’t we export teachers and doctors,” he asked, adding, “A businessmen will bring back dollars, a teacher will bring back an entire generation.

In a speech which raised a few laughs and much applause, Mr Modi made some jibes at the opposition, but repeatedly said that he would like the support of the entire House in good governance.

He noted that various questions were raised by speakers from parties on important issues during the debate and said, “all of them had a hope in them. I take this as good sign.” Elected members on either side of the political divide, Mr Modi said, are the custodians of the people’s hope. 

“Mulayam Singhji said that he has run a government and hence he is asking how am I going to fulfill all the promises. I say, let us try. We will figure out a way and if there is problem senior leaders like him are always there to guide us.,” Mr Modi said.  

He began and ended by asking to be excused if he had made a mistake. “When a new member like me is speaking, I hope you will forgive me if I make mistakes,” he said, making it clear that he was not here “to criticise any government.”


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