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Shree Hari Dham

Shree Hari Dham

Ages after ages, the value added place are being traced out either for Neem trees to shape Darubramha or place of sanctity. In the world of devotion a small village like Amunia Sahi (Tigiria) in the district of Cuttack has been discovered being the source of spiritual Development. The village merits its sphere with lot many devotional works. The generation ahead is also equally built up to keep-up the Dharohar of the predecessors. Devotional culture and mutual respect is the beauty attached to each individual of Amunia Sahi. Mr. Mangaraj Rout ,Mr.Ashok Kr.Mohanty,Mr.Lalti Kr.Mohanty,Mr.Narendra Kr.Mohanty ,Mr.Chandra Sekhar Rout ,Mr.Gauranga Charan  Amahant, Mr.Niranjan Rout ,Mr.Debaraj Mohanty and many others have had their tireless contribution for the ethical development in the locality ,not confined to the village alone but the vibration spreading all over.Beauty of village culture with mutual respect to the elders still remains .

Saintly personality like Gokulanand Mohanty has always been attached to the human ethics and stays above the materialistic consideration. As appears and experienced from the childhood, he has the preaching -golden- stick to see the emotional attachment between the beings enters the society and the  fog of vices and prejudice blockage goes out. Rama Krishan the great saint of our faith and belief had his sufferings but all that goes to save the society from monstrous attack of PAPA(sin), Jesus Christ, crossed and pinned up for the sake of the society against the devil  ;and similarly Lord Krishna has the same way renounced the world.

Gokulanand, man of simple character had his sufferings manifold, not bearable for a man living  in society, but he sustains, he understands,  the universe is one and each element attached  with the creation of Almighty is lovable  and of his own. Hence no materialistic world attracts as that of Asharam, Ram Dev, Sarathi Baba, Satya Sai and all other and all the same, the so-called Babaism in their world stemed to peril is visualised ,ture devotion as that of Gokulanda yet to raise heads and kill the devils of pseudo babaism,the people of Amunia Sahi(Tigiria) hopes and sanguine of the same.

Babas are considered to the most potential source of Governance at the strength of their wealth and large number of devotees but condemned whereas the soul Gokulanada has attained beyond valuation.


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