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St.Xavier’s Parents Promotion Scheme for unemployed parents

St.Xavier’s Parents Promotion Scheme for unemployed parents

St.Xavier’s Parents Promotion Scheme

St. Xavier's

St.Xavier’s Parents Promotion Scheme for unemployed parents

Cuttack: Ist. April ,2014: OBB: St.Xavier’s Parents Promotion Scheme.St.Xavier’s High School, a  public school established under St.Xavier Educational Trust to bring about quality education in the city and have had the  patronage of Ashirbad Behera who is nonetheless but attained the nurturing fatherhood of Barabati Stadium .The school has passed through its chequered period in view of unwanted elements entering into the educational institutions. Although schools are set up under a pseudo charitable concept,but charity has no role to play with; and only commercial gain is the aim to arrive at ,may it be a situation to induct persons not worthy of education or persons not befitting educational sphere at all ,but profit out of schooling would be the honest approach of the architectural skill  of the management concerned.When the school was  in its rising spate of profit ,some unemployed parents like Ansumaya Pati, Subrat Jena etc appeared to have formed a group and tried to impress upon other potential and busy parents to fix the school management ; and in fact Dr.G.S.Patnaik scared of his position kept running from post to pillar and pillar to post and in his pendulum movement he caught hold the infamous murder accused Paresh Mohapatra and Subrat Kr. Jena .Impression was Paresh being the brother of congress leader may have the reason to manage the clout under political game whereas Subrat Jena who claims to be hobnobbing with police people can gain police favour. So called businessman-cum-educationist G.S Patnaik who was apparently dogging after another veteran parent Ansumaya Pati made his u-turn and walked in to the arms of    Paresh Mohapatra and Subrat Kr. Jena.

Background: St. Xavier'sParesh , a dominant personality , became a self styled head of St.Xavier’s High School and run the activities of the school . Management had its studied silence . On the other ,Subrat Jena who being sasemira had, by the time given up his parents’ bond with Pati Babu and remained vigilant for his chance to bite the management; and with his own small chisel ,he was engaged in creating holes, as a blessing in disguise, Paresh Mohapatra,self-styled king of Xavier got implicated in a murder case for murdering his own 2nd wife Alaka Nanad Mohapatra and his implication in the case has its cause for blossoming the fate of Subrat Jena and having claimed to be in close association of police ,he started creating artificial crisis in the mind of G.S.Patnaik and took up his maiden innings to spread his spider net over the management through  Honey Bees .Harvesting in the name of police going on and honey bees are around sucking management -honey.

 Time reached, parents association appeared to have cracked ,when dissected the infamous Paresh Mohapatra and Mr.Subrat Jena have appeared to be the masiha for Dr.G.S.Patnaik who claims to be the architect of St.Xaverian schools in India although many other schools in the same name have taken their respective position in the system .Dr.Patnaik who is apparently questioned with battery of questions on his morale turpitude yielded to the wishes of the limited few and Mr.Paresh Mohapatra has taken the key role in the institution at the point of his axe on the vulnerability of Dr. G.S Patnaik.

Linked Background:St. Xavier'sTime rolled on. Mr.Paresh unfettered under the financial patronage of St.Xavier’s High School indulged in sexual abuse activities, now culminated in the murder of a lady teacher Alaka  Nanda Mohapatra. Although the school has no role to play with the personal misconduct of Paresh but like a crocodile in mud water Mr.Subrat Jena a close associate of Mr.Paresh Mohapatra appeared to have created artificial crisis on the school management and the week and vulnerable personality of Dr.G.S Patnaik in desperate inducted him in to the school and in agreement with his lip service put investment on him to save the school and Mr.Jena who has always been without work for himself other than shouting at the management of the School with his other shouting colleagues like Mr.Pati has made his Sasemira jump to the management leaving his parent association and the colleagues.Frustrated parents association under the leadership of Mr. Pati could not dare fighting with the mighty management where Ashirbad Behera  creates his corridor to the core group of management .

Mr.Subrat Jena in association with the security man Mr.Subrata Mahalik  shakes his hands and has spread his spider -net around ,no escape now ,and he plays with the Honey Bees how to suck honey from the management .People and so also parents comments ,let Jena suck the school because the school has sucked the blood of many and people contemplate another Paresh in his metamorphosis has taken his Avtar as Mr.Subrat Jena with his Chela Subrat the security -in-charge .

Subrat Jena who has always been suffering from unemployment is now made the Corporate Head of St.Xavier’s Group of Schools only for his profile to please the management ,not the education and surprisingly ,he is adorned with his position being the Corporate Head where G.S.Patnaik and P.C. Mohanty as per the corporate principle to work under him.Locals of the view ,Mr.Subrat Jena who feels pain even to write properly,now heads one English medium school like St.Xavier,only time  has the skill to speak about . Inquiry contemplates as to how Subrat has managed the police ,as to why police management came in and as to how and what situation  to pick up a person of  Nikarma to the combination Apakarma and what is his education and what his role! Sources speaks ,Subrat Jena has tactfully spread many of his persons in each branch of the schools. the Lot many episodes in chronology coming up as to how criminality has become deep rooted in educational institution under FRAUD.St.Xavier'sSt.Xavier'sSt Xavier's


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