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Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :Smurtiranjan Kar IIC

Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :Smurtiranjan Kar IIC

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Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :IIC

tangi police stationCuttack: Tangi-Chaudwar: Abdus Shamim:OBB: Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :IIC. Human nature varies regardless of his position and similarly ,persons working in police are no exception.Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :IICMr. Binaya Kumar Bisoi, Medical Representative and resident of Angul was on his heels for his duties at Dhenkanal and while doing so ,he parked his Hero Honda Spender Plus in the market before a Medicine shop on 29.09.2012 ,but the criminals roaming around caught sight of the vehicle and stolen away .Having not found the vehicle ,Mr. Bisoi  owner of the bike lodged his vehicle missing report before the Town P.S,Dhenkanal,but the police there did attach any importance nor appeared to have taken any interest to help a person in distress.Blaming the luck being bad ,Mr Bisoi returned home and lost all his hopes to get back the bike and in the meantime ,on 12.03.2014 in the evening hour he received a call from Angul P.S as to whether his vehicle is missed and on his confirming ,he was advised to contact Smurtiranjan Kar ,IIC,Tangi Police Station .Mr.Bisoi contacted  Smurtiranjan Kar ,IIC,Tangi Police Station and got convinced that his vehicle is brought to the custody of the P.S.Hence without any loss of time,Mr.Bisoi with his friend Mr.Manoj Kumar Mohanty had been to Tangi P.S and found the bike kept in the said P.S.Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :IIC

On his asking about ,the miracle ,he got to know ,Smurtiranjan Kar , IIC,Tangi Police Station is a man believes in his duties and may it be his passion to help the mankind ,but being quite effectively particular on his job ,he had his standing orders in the P.S , the mobile P.C.R ought to be on wheels in letter and spirit and while on his rigorous police patrolling ,he has suspected a person who was late in night sitting in a field nearby and on his query ,he inquired about the vehicle the suspects had possessed and appeared to have fumbled in giving details ,but the police if diligent have the privilege to climb any height of success and similarly the inquisitiveness of Smurtiranjan Kar ,IIC,Tangi Police Station immediately traced out the being being of a person other than the occupant and the suspect was then taken to Police Station and lot many clues about vehicle stealing racket was traced out and he is now on busting out the racket ,and quite hopeful doing the same with his team consisting of Sukant Kumar Biswal ,S.I,M.C.Jajati , ASI,Laxmidhar Dhal,ASI Arjuna  Malla and Sanjeev Kr.Jena .

Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :IIC


On our exclusive interview with Mr.Binaya Kumar Bisoi and his friend Manoj Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :Smurtiranjan Kar IICKumar Mohanty ,jubilant with the dream -bike , Mr.Bisoi  after receiving the vehicle he could not believe that police are such those who have returned his lost faith and more particularly ,he was surprised with the behavioral gesture of the police ,and in fact ,police is the real friend of the people as the Commissioner of Police Mr. R.K.Sharma have been claiming .

Tangi Police busted a Bike -stealing racket :IIC


To his utter surprise and standing to all rumors moving around police inefficiency ,both friends  stated that it is the mind which brings the changes in the system; and the mind with rational feeling , as it appears with the Commissioner of Police,Mr.R.K.Sharma ,I.P.S and Smurtiranjan Kar ,IIC,Tangi  Police Station has the legs to march over all the hurdles to restore the society into its appropriate form, and time now reached .

As a matter of courtesy ,Mr. Bisoi out of his own happiness ,wanted to oblige the police at the P.S but instead ,he was friendly treated with the P.S by sweets for his providing a fiber of clues for busting out a racket and in lieu of such Smurtiranjan Kar ,IIC,Tangi Police Station fed him some sweets to his surprise and he is of his strong conviction that police is a true friend of a person in distress and wished all the police be like the Commissioner of Police  and Smurtiranjan Kar ,IIC,Tangi  Police Station.

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